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Watch Will & Grace (And Karen & Jack) Talk About The 2016 Presidential Election

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7 hours ago, Maximum Taco said:

Holy cow that was like half an episode.

Apparently they filmed twice as much, so it could have been a full episode. But they were wise to cut it, because the result was really tight. Really excellent. And I'm not even a Will & Grace fan and can say that. The jokes (even the non-political ones) were dead on.  Debra Messing seemed to be doing what she's actually good at for the first time in years. Even as a relatively neutral party (when it was on, Will & Grace would only be viewing for me if I was bored and it just happened to be on--or if someone else was watching it), I enjoyed that.

I DO find myself wondering if the laugh track was something they were self-aware of here as a relic. I mean they were already on the way out when Will & Grace was on, and are a total antique now. But it does keep the feeling of this being the actual show, so it's actually kind of a plus.  Sort of (okay, a laugh track will NEVER really be a good thing, but at least it fits this).

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