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  1. Maybe it's a stretch, but I thought that "Baby June" was maybe a reference to the musical "Gypsy". It's a weird choice, but still kind of fits - also an aging child star character, still playing the ingenue in later year, etc. Just less ghoulish.
  2. I'm always a bit baffled by episodes that are all set-up; this one was particularly low on action. Bill: gets shot, is taken away, explores a bit, mostly waits Missy: supposed to be tested, is interrupted almost immediately, stays oddly silent at a console. The Doctor: sets up a test, gets interrupted, gives a short expository speech, then takes an elevator. It's an episode where nobody really does anything, but things happen *to* them instead. The classic series could be guilty of this as well, but that is some sloooooow world building.
  3. When they started doing those celebrity Skype cameos, I was really hoping for an appearance by Gabrielle Carteris or Judith Butler.
  4. I remember howling with laughter at the shot of Paris Hilton getting gently pushed into frame on a moped that clearly wasn't running.
  5. Also: the hints about a rough/irregular regeneration are interesting, except 1) I doubt they'll follow through on this and 2) if they actually do some non-traditional casting for the next Doctor, doesn't this kind of troublingly set them up as some kind of defect?
  6. It's really a self-negating twist - especially when you consider that nothing much happens in the episode. There's a lot of walking through corridors, but we only really learn two things: who's in the vault, and some aliens are coming. Everything else vanishes with the simulation. So what was the point? If you're going to do an "alt. world/all a dream reveal" - which, no spoilers, the series has done before - shouldn't the stakes be more extreme? It should be a chance to upend the rules, fake us out, do things that wouldn't quite work in proper continuity - not visit a library. Maybe I'
  7. I like my hypothetical drag name enough that I can't just put it on the internet for free. Assume I'm brilliant, though.
  8. Did I miss PTV's new show fact sheet for "Dimension 404"? It's... weird. And shockingly low profile, even for a Hulu show.
  9. "13 Reasons Why" is very good - and given the difficulty of the subject matter, it's kind of a tiny miracle they they pulled it off. I can't remember the last time I saw this much thorough and thoughtful character development for such a wide range of characters in such a short run. Detailed and affecting throughout.
  10. That was the weirdest misuse of the B-52s since the time I did "Rock Lobster" karaoke at post-prom. I wonder if the VH1 move means no more 90 minute super-size eps? I don't know that this one had enough drama for another 30, but it might have helped make the challenge process more clear.
  11. This show is so ridiculous. Evil doctor woman's whole trap was "I'm confident that I'm attractive and interesting enough that he won't kill me"? Also, why does *visionary author* HG Wells get all the fish-out-of-water moments while Ripper just intuitively knows how to work a microwave? So much so that he gets a frozen burrito the right temperature on the first try? And how is Ripper so into 2017 fashion already? His tastes should be antiquated but instead he is so clearly feeling himself. Ripper hates undershirts almost as much as he loves stabbing people.
  12. That was a really tough game time, but maybe it just needed a slightly different initial description? Dave emphasized characters but the first example was "MASH vs Evil Dead", and then the answers involved descriptions, occupations, locations, and show titles. It was still fun, just hard to get a handle on the rules. (Sorry to nitpick - I know game design is hard!)
  13. Practically nothing happened in this episode, no new information revealed until the last 7 minutes. (Something "Stranger Things" was also frequently guilty of.) I'm still on board for now, but even as a place-setting, re-pilot ep, this was pretty thin.
  14. I have an Archies album, but somehow I doubt they'll be dusting off "Jingle Jangle" or "Bicycles, rollerskates, and you" anytime soon. Prove me wrong, CW! Prove. Me. Wrong.
  15. Also, how on earth was this not the season finale? Every storyline is basically wrapped up, extraneous characters said goodbye... whatever last minute surprise the show pulls, that's just terrible structure.
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