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S05.E02: One Good Memory

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Another gut wrenching episode that highlights veteran issues.  Tamar's situation was just heart breaking and shockingly common.  I wonder if an of the writers have friends or relatives that have had to deal with the lack of services to our veterans. It's shameful.

Poor Henry is certainly going to have to be flexible since he needs to be in 3 places at once!  That was pretty crappy of Mathias to set him up like that.  He's not Superman, for Pete's sake!

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That was a sad ending to the whole kidnapping story. I mean, clearly it could have been worse, but what a messed up situation. Tamar was clearly so traumatized that she couldn't be fully held responsible for her actions. She is just not in her right mind. Just sad. 

Its kind of amazing Walt has made it as long as he has! leaping into cold water, like, two days after major surgery? You can get Vic to do some of the heavy lifting from time to time!

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I'm glad that Henry and Matthias now are in a mutually assured destruction phase. I think the Henry / Matthias team could be a good one. Their individual needs really aren't incompatible.

Tamar's story is a horrible, sad one.  I do love how compassionate this show is about our veterans, and pretty much anyone who isn't actually evil. I am a little tired of the oil company guy and want him to get his comeuppance sooner rather than later. I love the actor, he does evil really well, but it's getting a bit over the top for my tastes. Even Barlow had a little more depth.

I must have missed something - how did Tamar get the note Donna left? Would she leave Donna in the car by herself and then go into the bathroom? And if she did that, surely Donna must have known she'd get the note - unless Tamar didn't have a habit of washing her hands.

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3 hours ago, SimoneS said:

I just felt that it was a waste.

I think this episode really brought into the forefront the very real issue of rapes of military women by men in authority.  It's a huge problem that gets little attention.  It was heartbreaking to hear Tamar talk about how her commanding officer was supposed to protect her.  It's not the first time they have highlighted veteran's issues.

But a seasoned cop like Walt turning his back on her?  That was stupid on so many levels.

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