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Chesapeake Shores

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3 minutes ago, bichonblitz said:

That was an easy and lazy wrap up. Of course Evan proposed to Abby. Of course Mick and Meghan will live happily ever after. Of course manic Bree convinced Luke to stay. Of course Jess is pregnant. Of course Connor and his partner/girlfriend will win the lawsuit because of her brilliant discovery  and of course Nell was mentioned at least 2 times. The writers could have written the finale in their sleep and most likely did. 

Oh, forgot Kevin and his boring wife. Of course it was an emergency birth. 

Bye Bye Chesapeake Shores. 

Couldn't have said it better.  But....I would be remiss to send off this final episode without my own brand of snark:

As this was the final episode, the writers should've made it a special 2 hour episode.  How much time passed between baby Mick's birth and the wedding to plan and book a harpist, caterer,  get a gown, get those horribly dowdy dresses for Abby, Jess and Bree (I know the actresses are either pregnant IRL or just gave birth, but Abby's looked the inside of a coffin and Bree's like gauche drapes in a Victorian home)?

Did formerly homeless Luke who lives in jeans and t-shirts pull his suit off the gentleman's wardrobe tree in the backyard?

I get that Diane Ladd may have been too unwell or frail to film this season.  But to just ship out a hair clip to Megan (not sure how long that would've have taken to get to CS from Ireland, but if it was several weeks then a time span of 2-4 weeks from beginning of episode to end of episode would probably work considering they didn't have to book a hall).  They could've at least made mention of the weather being bad to travel this time of year which kept Gran grounded in Ireland.  I can't imagine she'd miss her son's remarriage to stay and run a day care

Margaret was right to call Connor out on his making the decision to take the Peck case even after she showed him more 'cons' than 'pros'.  If she were just an employee, then the loss would be solely on Connor's head, but as an equal partner, her reputation would suffer too.  But - alas - Magical Margaret found evidence that even the (worthless) FBI couldn't.  I knew it was the friend all along.  

Jess is 'oooopsie' pregnant.  zzzzzzzz

The finale images on the CS IG page last week showed photos of the wedding where Mandrake was visible so I knew that either a) he and Evan made up and was rehired or b) Abby invited him as a friend.  I thought Abby offering him a job as her 'right hand' at O'Brien Construction now that Mick was formally retiring was a nice gesture.  I know he was mainly a driver, but Mandrake pretty much ran Evan's schedule and orchestrated evey moment of his life so he'd made a great admin

I'm glad Evan gave his father a chance.  Was a nice scene between them.  If Hallmark gets the green light for a Christmas movie, it would be nice to see more of him.

Of course Evan didn't like his house and just upped and purchased another one.  I don't remember him mentioning he sold the other one.  Gorgeous home but waaaaay too big (even with the girls, gran and Mandrake as occupants.)  speaking of gorgeous - that ring!  Wonder if they'll be friction between Evan and Wes as to who'll pay for the girl's college tuition

Speaking of the girls - I didn't recall seeing them - even at the ceremony

The scene between Bree and Luke was....UGH!  She was so shouty my ears bled.  "Burden me!!!"  WHAT?  That sure ain't no "you had me at hello" or "I can't quit you"  And Luke was just going to walk away not only without saying goodbye to Mick who gave him a chance, but also without any heads up leaving his job at The Bridge unfilled.  What a bonehead, irresponsible move!

No comment on Kevin and Sara who are dullsville, but.......he's an EMT, she's a lieutenant (I believe) at the firehouse.  How can they afford to raise a child AND med school??

I have to say that Barbara Niven looked absolutely stunning.  I watched two older movies over the weekend where she was the mother/aunt  (Murder, She Baked and Crossword Mysteries) where she was heavier and looked older with the bright red lipstick they put on her.  This season she just glowed and looked faboooosh in that dress (and I loathe strapless wedding dresses)

Nitpicking aside, they wrapped up well and left the door open for a movie.  Ta-Ta, O'Briens.  Time to put the s'mores away, douse the fire pit, polish off the muffins and wash out the coffee carafe.  

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On 10/17/2022 at 3:13 PM, ctlady said:

I have to say that Barbara Niven looked absolutely stunning. 

Yes, she did! I wasn't a big fan of her character but I have to admit she is a gorgeous woman and her body is incredible. I can't believe she is going to be 70 in a few months! 

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