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The place to discuss your favourite dryers, flat irons, curling irons, brushes, tangle removers etc. Even favourite hair products - shampoo, conditioner, styling stuff, etc.

I got tired of my crap brushes and got a Mason Pearson brush last fall. I always enjoy my hairstylist using his to brush my hair and the amazing scalp massage I get from it. The one I got is for fine hair. I also got a tangle remover from my local Sally beauty supply shop. My fine hair makes it very easy for large knots/tangles to form. I see T3 dryers at Winners/TJ Maxx sometimes and wonder if they are worth the $100 price. Granted, I've only been buying $30-40 dryers that last 2 years.

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I bought a T3 many years ago when they were a newer item.  It lasted several years.  I also have very fine hair and it was the first hair dryer that didn't turn it into a nasty frizz-fest.  I spent $300 on mine at the time.  I think it was called the Evolution (?).  I also later bought a T3 travel dryer and it did not work as well.  I didn't feel it was any better than any other travel hair dryer on the market.  

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With cheap plastic parts, stuff isn't built to last long any more. I see the T3 at Sephora and a couple of stores, but would rather spend the $300 at full-price for something else.  If I feel it'll last 5-6 years, I might consider it. Most hotels come with hair dryers, so unless I need mine specifically, I just use what is available. The new Dyson hair dryer is coming out soon - at a whopping $500 or so Canadian. The one that looks like a doughnut on top of a stick. It looks cool but there haven't been a lot of reviews for it.

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Mine lasted at least that long.  It just didn't make it a decade.  My husband used it everyday.  He like how quickly it worked.  I have never had a high maintenance routine for hair and only used it occassionally.  So, when it died I just never bothered replacing it.  

Dyson seems to make good products.  Although, my first vacuum from them I had constant problems with.  It was always being fixed.  Once my extended warranty ran out I got rid of it, but I did buy a new Dyson vacuum after that and haven't had any problems until recently.  I would say it's lasted close to 10 years.  We recently had it fixed and refurbished by someone who specializes in their vacuums and it has given it new life.  I haven't tried any of their other products except for the hand dryers you find in public restrooms.

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On 7/9/2016 at 10:57 PM, Frozendiva said:

The new Dyson hair dryer is coming out soon - at a whopping $500 or so Canadian. The one that looks like a doughnut on top of a stick. It looks cool but there haven't been a lot of reviews for it.

I know this post is old, but I just want to chime in and say I bought one of these off of eBay (about half price and a legit unit, which is rare there) some time ago and - as much as it pains me to compliment it - it really has done wonders for my wavy/curly/frizzy hair.

The actual legit stores like Ulta and Sephora rarely have it on sale, but if anyone wants one and doesn't have a Brinks truck to pay for it [a la most of us here, including me!], Dyson itself has an eBay store and sells fully-refurbished units with a one-year warranty at a discount. Probably a safer bet than risking the rest of eBay, as a lot of fakes are floating around.

Once mine eventually goes, as all things do [bought it new, though, so it should be a while], I doubt I'll get another one - as great as it is - unless the price goes down. (My impulse buy for my Dyson was a fluke!) If not? I have heard T3 is good. Anyone use that brand?

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Well, as I posted here last summer, I have a Dyson. It did well on my wavy/curly hair. However, even on the very lowest setting, no matter Dyson's claim about no excess heat, my head always felt hot. As I also said, I was going to wait for my Dyson to die before getting a new hair dryer.

However, my thoughtful dad got me a new hair dryer as an early Christmas present - the Shark HyperAir. (Known as the Shark IQ across the pond!) And...

Sorry, Dyson, the diffuser on the Shark blows Dyson's away! I love that the prongs can be extended by a simple lever for longer hair to get to the roots. And it is not blazingly hot on the lowest setting, when using said diffuser. (If you have shorter hair, simply slide the lever the other way to make the prongs in the diffuser shorter!)

The Shark is also quieter, too.

Nope, I am not being reimbursed for the gushing. LOL! I am just simply impressed, and it looks really cool, I love the sort of shiny stone color of it. I still have my Dyson, but I do love the HyperAir. The fact that it is easily a good $200+ cheaper for the same or better quality is another reason to love it.

So, if anyone was wondering about the Shark, this is my take. I think you'd love it, too. (It also has different attachments, a la a brush nozzle and a contraption that will give your hair beachy waves that you can purchase separately; I have neither of those. Mine came with the concentrator and diffuser, to clarify, as there are other combinations one can buy with this hair dryer.)

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Bed Head Blow Out Freak.  I have thick fine hair that's got natural curl below ear level.  Because my hair is fine, I use the low setting---sometimes I'll semi-dry the crown with regular dryer first.  The Bed Head smooths out the frizz.  It 's the only tool I've ever bought that I really love and would replace if it dies.  

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I suffered a lot of hair loss not too long ago. Hair loss can happen to anyone, whether you are male or female, child or adult. Even if your hair seems strong and shiny at the moment, it is inevitable that sooner or later you will notice some form of thinning hair, either natural or caused by a dermatological condition and it will be difficult to determine the true cause here. I used MCCM Medical Cosmetics, which my dermatologist friend gave me. It turned out to be a very good quality hair loss care product.

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