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Purge: Election Year (2016)

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I haven't found a topic for this yet.    I actually love the series and I am looking forward to seeing this.  Although I haven't actually seen a movie in the theaters in a long while.  This might be the exception.  The Purge series is such a weird blend of science fiction/horror and murder porn.   I am hoping it is closer to the second film then the first which was too much a home invasion that relied too much on stupidity while the second relied on dumb luck, unfortunate choices and fate.

Plus Elizabeth Mitchell is awesome.  

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I too preferred the second one! That guy...what's his name, the main one...he was SO BADASS. Those other people should have been kissing his feet the whole damn time for keeping them alive (for the most part, haha).

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I liked this one. Had some sufficiently gory scenes, but best of all, we got some story on the government behind the Purge. Man, they crazy.

I love Elizabeth Mitchell and thought her character was fine, although a few times she had to be "scary movie dumb" which was annoying. 

The candy bar girl cemented my hatred of youths. She was the worst.

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second movie took place one year after the first movie which is 2022. third movie takes place 17 years later. the purge has been an annual activity since 2016 and election year takes place 2040. the day of the purge is the evening of march 21 and ends march 22.

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