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  1. second movie took place one year after the first movie which is 2022. third movie takes place 17 years later. the purge has been an annual activity since 2016 and election year takes place 2040. the day of the purge is the evening of march 21 and ends march 22.
  2. Neutron bombs were designed to kill tank crews and people in hardended bunkers. Reason they designed was that regular nukes wouldn't instantly kill tank crews and command staff in underground or otherwise hardended bunkers but instead give them enough radiation to put them into the walking ghost phase enabling them to fight on for several weeks before they would die to the radiation sickness. Since they knew they were doomed they would be quite fanatical.
  3. When it was built in the 1960s the ICBMs that could hit wouldn't have destroyed it however more accurate, more powerful bunker buster nukes came about. Neutron bombs would also wipe it out. Today its the NORAD alternate command site and its being renovated as part of a 700 million dollar operation to make NORAD operations not be affected by EMP affects from nukes or other means. Its more hardened against nukes then most gov't command centers that are known to the public or military intel. In Independence Day the aliens had destroyed the Cheyenne Mountain base and other nearby military ba
  4. They have biomechanical suits and smaller ships. Pretty easy for them to take resources from a life less rock. Also the aliens seem to just do a routine for each world. The harvester coming with the queen was an unusual escalation. Well they had reinforced NORAD and even today while NORAD can be destroyed by modern nukes its still where the President would go despite being a priority target in a nuclear attack. Its also a hive species the attacker ships and city destroyers are just replaceable. Its the colony mothership and harvester ship that matter.
  5. Jenna Purdy was the voice of the sphere.
  6. Then the mothership would have been attacked while drilling. The city destroyers are meant to wipe out the defense forces so they don't interfere with the harvest operation. The harvest operation also gets them resources to build more ships which would take time possibly years. You send the amount of force you expect to accomplish the objective and for Earth's defenses they thought 36 city destroyers would be enough to wipe out most of the humans that would be able to interfere with the harvest even if it would just have been an annoyance. The mothership sent in 1996 had 83 city destroyers so
  7. I wasn't bored and it actually is enjoyable. Fairly straightforward and easy to eat popcorn.
  8. Independence Day: Crucible the tie in novel details her death.
  9. Seems to be the reshoots at work. Test audiences didn't like the first cut so they changed things. Note Forest character was unnamed in the trailer and bald. Now he has hair so perhaps the character in the first cut had a different name and they decided to change the character.
  10. Will Smith picked some horrible films such as Wild Wild West and After Earth his star power has dimmed but his arrogance has not. He refused what they offered to pay him so they just offed him and had his character's step son fill the role.
  11. Does it matter? he wasn't married to her anymore in the film. Obviously they didn't get back together hence the tension Floyd picked up between David and the doc. The moon is a 1/4 the size of the Earth to affect its pull would also do things to Earth. The ship ain't that massive. It was in fact raising the water when it was passing. Cities aren't that massive compared to the water on the Earth or the mass of the moon. It also did raise up boats it passed over head. Once the bombs were dealt with there was no reason to care about a bunch of damn ants. The humans were going to
  12. Removing them from it kills them eventually according to the tie in material which spans the 20 years. They aren't suited for Earth's environment so those not only allow them to be nasty in combat but also allow them to do physical work but survive environments hostile to the alien inside.
  13. yet no link to one of the av videos where GWAR does one of the covers. So to correct that oversight here is one.
  14. SLimer is the only ghost they even get the look sort of right. Everything else looks ridonklous. Your not getting it. He admits they wouldn't let him direct Bond or any serious film franchise because he admits he will not respect the source material and instead parody it. In other words he is the wrong guy to do any franchise that is not a spoof of something.
  15. A director who stated no one their right mind would have him direct a James Bond or other serious franchise since the director makes parodies of things. In other words he admits he should never have been put in director ship. The script from all accounts and from the mere fact it is a remake shows laziness and godawfulness. The original had a scary tone. People did freak out when they saw those segments and people because it is a horror/comedy. Also the origal movie had a serious tone in how the supernatural stuff was discussed because Reitman/Akryod were deeply into paranormal things.
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