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S02.E09: Chapter 22

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I'm way late watching this, but am a fairly new Netflix subscriber.  Why is this show making it a point to write out all of the fairly interesting characters?  Russo, Zoe, Linda, and now Freddy.  At this point, I think the only characters left I like are Meachum and, to a point, Stamper. Ugh.  Freddy was awesome, the best character on the show. Sad to see him go.

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It would be good to see even the smallest of victories for the "little guy".  This show is feeling like an onslaught of punches to gut, driving the point in over and over how good guys always finish last. And every episode the Underwoods get nastier, especially Claire.

Yes Rabbi, the interesting ones are the ones that are more than one dimension. All those killed off struggled with both good and evil. The only ones left are those that choose 100% evil, served up in the most cynical way possible.

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I've just watched this episode, and am sad about Freddy. I respected him for not taking Frank's guilt money. Frank should have stood up for his friend, though.


This is why I stopped watching it last year: I didn't want to see two stone-cold people getting away with everything. 

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I'm way behind on watching this, but I'm new to Netflix. I didn't understand why their scheming about Adam was so complicated. Why not all just stick to the story that he took the photo on commission for Frank? Why make him say one thing and then say he was lying? It seemed like they just screwed him over for no reason. I also didn't really understand at what point the whole blackmail involving his girlfriends father came in. Was Adam made to leak the photo in the first place?

This is what I get for watching this show while cooking. But I feel like this plot was needlessly complicated and not all that interesting. They're democrats, not running on a platform of controlling other people's sex lives, so what the big deal ... And it also seemed like even if they wanted to cover it up they did it in an unnecessarily complicated way.

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