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S03.E10: Show Me the Monkey

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From IMDB: "Veronica convinces Mac to go undercover with her as animal rights activists to rescue a kidnapped monkey as a way of forgetting her breakup with Logan. Meanwhile, Mindy O'Dell asks Keith to investigate her husband's suspicious suicide."

I love Mac! I love her in this one. I want more Mac and Veronica all the time! 

We're jumping forward 6 weeks from when the Dean died, so that's a nice movement of time for us, we don't have to be saddled down with the breakup and rape catching/almost being raped again trauma. 

Then YAY! Veronica goes back to Logan! 

I know it doesn't last, but I can be happy for now damn it!

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The time-jump definitely helps speed things along, and I really like this episode's mystery.  The monkey is adorable, and I really like the addition of Bronson.

Plus, the Around the World party scene always makes me laugh.  Canada.  

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Poor Piz....

This is a fun mystery, though it kind of felt strange to not acknowledge the last time Veronica tried to infiltrate an animal rights group. Also, yeah right that they convinced a cosmetics company to stop animal testing with a few letters.

The monkey is crazy adorable. I want a monkey now. :/

Really liked the scene in the bar, with Keith trying to work his magic on professor what's-his-name and just getting completely shot down.

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Not sure I got what was so great about getting the Ted Nugent standin in a sorority sweatshirt.  But I laughed at the calendar photo prank.


The animal testing episode reminded me of when I was in college and a roomie was involved in an experiment with chickens.  At least after they were dissected, they used the rest of the animal for dinner.


How many break-up/back-togethers now for Veronica and Logan?  Whiplash....

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Not sure I got what was so great about getting the Ted Nugent standin in a sorority sweatshirt. 

It wasn't a sorority sweatshirt. They pulled some sleight of hand and switched it for a shirt that said "MEAT IS MURDER."

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