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Hello, My Name is Doris (2016)

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A self-help seminar inspires a sixty-something woman to romantically pursue her younger co-worker.

Is anyone planning on seeing this?


Sally Field and Tyne Daly, how could it go wrong?


The setting is not something that I usually see at the theater, preferring to spend my money on action/adventure stuff for the big screen, however, this one kind of excites me based on the actors and the subject matter.


If anyone does see it, I would be interested in a review, thanks!


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I saw it this past weekend. Sally Field is great but I don't think it knows what kind of movie it wants to be. Doris clearly has a mental illness (the hoarding, the stalker like behavior towards her co-worker, the trances she falls into) and in some scenes it’s played for laughs and in others it’s treated as a serious ailment. It’s a tricky balancing act and I don’t think the movie pulls it off very well. The supporting cast is good and there are some funny moments but overall I was pretty meh about it.

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I enjoyed it well enough. I do think the movie had tonal problems, but I appreciated that there was never a "let's make fun of the older lady in weird clothes" behind her back moment.


I did think that Doris was obsessed with Maxwell's character because he reminded her of the guy she was engaged to when she was young. The bit about staying behind to care for her ailing mother definitely struck home with me- I'm in a situation where I'm the last one living at home with my mother who's heading into her elderly years, and I'm putting off the inevitable of needing to leave because I don't want to leave her alone. It did frighten me to think that I could wake up and suddenly be 65 and in the situation that Doris is in.


I also have a sister who, despite living on the opposite coast, has left a lot of her things in our house and basically forcing us to hoard for her, and so that also struck home.


I also like that she had good chemistry with Max's character. You know it'd never happen, but you could see where it could have if things were different.

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Watched this over the weekend. It was very well acted all around. As one of the 12 people who still watches Two Broke Girls, I enjoyed seeing Beth Behrs perform beyond catchphrases and one-liners. She did a great job of playing a guarded person who you knew Doris couldn't really hate, despite initially wanting to do so. The plotting does fall down in some places, I hate the use of the self help seminar to motivate her to do something, it's tacky and contrite, and could easily have found its roots elsewhere in the wake of her mother's death, and relationship with Roz's granddaughter. Also, the Williamsburg hipster jokes are pretty played out at this point.

Still a very enjoyable watch all around. Showalter does good work with these character pieces.

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