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S01.E05: The Lonely Heart

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I was so distracted seeing Ivo Nandi in 2016 Paris.  I just got too used to him as 1920's Joe Masseria on BE. 


No coincidence at all that first vic's heel broke just as he was pulling up in his cab.  Did he have a tiny chainsaw under their dinner table to weaken it?

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Didn't care for this episode much. Didn't we just see this episode? Guy in India murdering people to take body parts for his dead uncle? Guy in Paris murdering people and creating "art" with body parts? Too similar.

The women getting into the guy's car... Too stupid. I suppose he was supposed to be a "gypsy cab" but you would think every young woman in Paris would have learned not to trust these illegal cabs driven by creepy strange men.

Really really poor of that psychiatric hospital to give out the therapist's address. To a MENTAL PATIENT who was clearly obsessed with her.

I'm still not sure if the actors actually film on location, but this was the first episode where I felt like they might not actually have gone to location. Many stock images of Parisian sights and scenes and perhaps the Arc De Triomphe was greenscreened in.

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Ah, I suspected they weren't on location and it was pretty obvious during this episode  Almost everything was indoors.


That said, the set decorators for the India episode worked really hard, that episode actually looked like it was set in an Indian slum.

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