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Cocksucker Couture: The Wardrobe and Costumes of Deadwood

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One of the most impressive things about this show was the meticulous attention to detail of even the most tertiary character's costuming. Authentic fabrics and closures, period patterns, and scrupulous research led to a plethora of awards for the show's Costume Design department. Here's where we celebrate everything from Alma's red dress to Joanie's hat and more!



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Molly Parker could be a model. She is just splendid in this green thingy here. And everything she wore was wonderful. I question, though, whether women, even well-off women, would have dressed so beautifully in a shit filled town like Deadwood. Anyone have any info?

A bit off topic, but in tonight's episode, several of the guys are eating breakfast, and it's clear that the Gem is becoming overcrowded with all the folks in town. At one point Sol leans over and says to Merrick, "Your cravat is in your bacon."

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Willowy, I'll have to check Cy out in tomorrow night's rerun. I think he may wear one when he's really dressed up, but maybe not. Why do you think it has something to do with their positions as pimps? Also, outside, hats would protect from some of the sun's rays, and maybe even keep the head cooler, I don't know. I just notice that it's a very hatted series.

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Ha! And apt!


Look at these two! Cute! Love Joanie's jacket!




And here's Mr. and Mrs., none too pleased. I believe she's "Pissed OFF."




And here we have the above-the-knee boots every serial killer is sporting this season. All the better to wade through your victim's blood without besmirching your new breeches.



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I like how EB is always wearing his suit jacket that is completely warn and tattered in the back across the shoulders. I can totally see him being a guy who probably would buy an expensive jacket, because he was an innkeeper, and then keeping it until it completely fell apart because that's EB. 

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