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  1. Bao just told Johnny she sometimes gets too depressed to shower or even get undressed, and all he heard was “I don’t shower every day.”
  2. I live in NYC and that figure made me faint.
  3. @ChicksDigScars Everything you said!
  4. Bates made the same mistake on the twizzle that he did at Nationals.
  5. Of course that’s true. I don’t deny Nathan’s standing. I just get tired of hearing it mentioned constantly.
  6. I get so annoyed at Tara and Johnny’s constant hyping of Nathan Chen that I start to resent him even though I know it’s not fair to him. (That said, I enjoyed both of his programs this weekend. But I’d rather watch Jason Brown.)
  7. I haven’t been so disappointed in the results of Nationals in a long time.
  8. If only Evan hadn’t screwed up that twizzle. . . .
  9. Homer: “Now I have to face stupid reality again!” Mr. Burns: “I don’t know what ‘phallocentric’ means, but no girls!”
  10. Marge: “This is the worst thing you’ve ever done!” Homer: “You say that so much, it’s lost all meaning.” Homer: “The word ‘unblowupable’ gets thrown around a lot—“
  11. Ros telecom was like the Moscow Superspreader Invitational. The coaches who wore masks left their noses uncovered (including the octogenarians Mishin and Moskvina) and took the masks off in the kiss-and-cry (having already hugged and kissed their skaters, who never wore masks at all). But I’m happy for Liza and Kolyada.
  12. Homer: “He who is tired of Weird Al is tired of life.”
  13. Bradie Tennell is going to Tom Zakrajsek.
  14. nuraman00 It’s from “The Dad Who Knew Too Little.”
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