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Sgt Platt: Full of Snark, Full of Mystery

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So little is known about this character that viewers don't even know her first name! (She is even listed on IMDB is merely "Sergeant Platt.")

Thus far, Platt has provided much of the comic relief in an otherwise often dark atmosphere, harassing the rookies and even the veterans such as Olinsky. Yet when push comes to shove (like when Olinsky's daughter was in possible danger) we saw that Platt is definitely capable of compassion and kindness. 

She appears to like Erin Lindsay, although it's not entirely clear just why. Perhaps she admires the younger woman's toughness (Platt herself would definitely understand the need for that, as she would've joined the force decades earlier, at a time when females were few). Or perhaps given her longtime acquaintance with Voight and Platt, she has known Erin since she was a teenager and thus knows her story, building an affection for a girl who managed to overcome quite a bit.

Then of course, there is the question as to why Platt is working behind a desk. She's risen to sergeant, indicating she's been on the force for quite some time and earned her way up. It also seems that she's brash and capable, most likely to do well out on the streets. So why is she doing paperwork? Was she injured in some way that isn't immediately evident to viewers? Was she traumatized by some event in her own past?

What else have you noticed about Sgt. Platt? What do you hope to learn about her? What kinds of storylines do you imagine her featuring in in the future?




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Hey, thanks for starting these threads!

I love Platt, didn't even realise until reading your post that we didn't know her first name. Strange! I love that she's there to lighten up the show a little bit. As much as I love it, I do think it can be very dark at times. It will be interesting to find out more about her though. I don't really know anything about the rankings (I'm not from the US) but is Voight a Sgt too? Does that mean she's on the same level as him? Apologies if that's completely wrong. I hope they do go into some backstory with her and maybe show why she does seem to hate just about everybody, haha!

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I think that is pretty much what she said, yeah! She's full of mystery! She has a really interesting relationship with Burgess, I hope they continue giving them scenes together.

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Platt's name is Trudy!

I was seriously laughing when Burgess was all nervous about Platt seeing her interact with Ruzek...and then Platt told her to have fun while she was young, that she herself had slept with half the academy! Too funny!

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I really liked her interaction with Burgess yesterday, advising her to take a moment alone to splash cold water on her face and tell herself repeatedly, "He was never mine to begin with." It was serious, practical advice, and what Kim desperately needed to hear at that moment.


I really think that much of Platt's razzing of Burgess in the beginning was simply to toughen her up, to test her and see if she had what it took to be a cop in a major city. Now that she sees Burgess is capable of holding up under a variety of circumstances, she can and is easing up. In a way, Platt is becoming something of a surrogate parent to Burgess, like Olinsky to Ruzek. It's interesting to see, that's for sure.

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I can definitely see Platt warming up with Burgess too, their relationship is definitely growing.


I think Platt also seemed concerned for Erin tonight, she could tell that there was something off when she gave her Charlie's number. I do wonder how much Platt knows about Erin as it's been hinted that Platt and Voight know each other from way back.

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Personally, I think Platt knows all of it, or at least most; most likely Olinsky does too. They would both have been around back then, and they are clearly close enough to Voight (both call him Hank when really no one else does). I could definitely see them worrying about her and trying to keep her safe about as much as he would; after all, she's been kind of like a precinct project for the past 14 years.

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Ok, I know that Platt is a sergeant but she is typically just behind a desk...would she realistically have a gun on her? Or was that just a plot device as Mouse was grabbed?

Kinda feel like cops always have a gun on them...Now I don't ACTUALLY know if that's true, but there's literally nothing to stop anyone from walking into any police station and doing the same thing. I'd have to imagine there was a gun somewhere close, if not on them.
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