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S04.E18: Ho'i Hou (Reunited)

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Chin's high-school reunion. The investigation reveals that the victim was killed with a stiletto heel.

What a cruel way to die.  I loved Chin's high-school pictures and there were several fun moments in the show.  Catching the guy in the maze was a really cool.  Although, Danny should have shown he was hurt more.

On a shallow note, I'm really looking forward to next weeks.  :)

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I really liked this episode Chin was given something do and he looked mighty fine doing it. The man knows how to wear a suit. More please.

I also enjoyed all the Danny/Steve scenes. They felt more organic and showed that Danny truly is the one person Steve trusts and cares about above all others. Needless to say my McDanno shipper side was thrilled.

Side note, Steve, as of late, has started kissing Cath like she's the grandma he's forced to show affection to. There is no passion there. Is it an acting choice by Alex knowing that MB is leaving soon or is Steve fallen out of love with her and just can't find a nice way to end it with her because she's 5-0 now?

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I was gobsmacked with the reveal that Jerry is in his forties, and the same age as Chin Ho.  Also, I would like him more as a semi-regular if it didn't mean the Return of Shelburn(e).  I'm not sure even he can make it tolerable.

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The best part was Kamekona giving his clients a little extra flight time on their tour. Its nice that Commander McGarrett knows his friend's flight schedules. 

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What was odd to me is that neither death was "murder" per se.  Both were involuntary manslaughter -- the victim died because of an accident caused by the boyfriend, not due to any direct action.  Had he come forward at the time of the surfer's death, he might have had some jail time, but probably not much (especially if he gets the Macadamia King's son to help with his defense).  As for the girl's (Laura?) death, max said she would have lived had she not fallen on her own shoe.

And her plan was dumb.  Why not just call Jerry or some other classmate and have them develop the film?  Or she could have them get the rocket and bring it to her...

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