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S41.E10: Adam Driver / Chris Stapleton

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I think the writing is really sharp -- "... and then he RAPED them!" -- but unfortunately it loses major points for me because it's so similar to her Jacob the Bar Mitzvah boy.   And her Nickelodeon Kids Acting school character.  Voices are not her thing, apparently.  The material is good enough that I still laugh, but what's keeping it from being knocked out of the park is the one note similarity to other stuff she's done.


The character--Laura Parsons--is actually the exact same character from those Spotlightz sketches, just moved to Update. I agree with you that it doesn't really show much range on Vanessa's part, but at least it's a character where the material can be changed up enough to make it still work. Jacob was a character that really only worked once but they must have done it at least six or seven times, and it truly was the exact same thing in each and every iteration. They even started running out of Jewish holidays for him to talk about. I'm sure we learned the story of Passover at least 3 times from him. The only thing that ever freshened it up was Derek Jeter retiring.

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Cold Open: Solid enough. I'm so glad media outlets are calling Cruz out on the clearly anti-Semitic "New York values" nonsense and I liked how SNL used Seinfeld references for it. Darrell's Trump is always good, so is Taran's Cruz, I'm kind of glad they pulled him back from Trump so Darrell could do it.

I'm pleasantly surprised that the media outlets are calling this out. Most of the time it seems like no one gives a damn about anti-semitism. It's awful.


Love Jay's Ben Carson. It's my favorite impression of his.


I really liked the ending to the Aladdin sketch where Leslie says she's married and Beck goes "How come you never talk about it?!" Seems like something that would happen in real life. That part was better than the rest of the sketch.


It was smart of them to move Vanessa's Spotlight Kidz character to Update. I feel like they don't do that often with sketch characters, but there's a lot of them it could work for. The audience seems to love this character so far, she got huge applause when she came out. I like it, but I think they're going to run it into the ground pretty soon.


The French cats sketch was so odd, but also oddly amazing. Maybe it will become recurring?

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