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Best & Funniest Quotes of ANTM

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Now that the show has ended its run, what are some of the best and funniest quotes on ANTM?


I think the #1 quote in ANTM history, that will go in the hall of fame of ANTM is Camille. "This is my signature walk and this is what's going to make me famous." What's funny about the quote is that her walk has yet to make her famous, so doubt it ever will.


Runner up goes to Elyse for her rant. Too good to just type, so here's the video:


Jenah: "Just because I'm not running around jumping up and down and screaming, doesn't make me mean or makes me think I'm better than everybody. I don't have to spew rainbows incessantly in order to get people to like me."


Tiffany: "That stank ho, poured a beer on my weave! This isn't even my hair!"


Brandy: "If we didn't get kicked off for hitting somebody, your ass would be tore up right now."


Molly: "My ass hurts, my hair hurts, I've been sitting in a goddamn chair for six fucking hours!"


Janice: "I'm sorry I hate this photograph. You look deranged like you escaped from a mental hospital. Your arms look amputated, your legs look amputated, and it looks like you have a penis."


Janice: "It looks like...child prostitute."


Sharaun: "My name is Sharaun, and I am America's Next Top Model."


Heather: "Hey pretty ladies...and Tyra."


Bianca: "Check your thighs out in the mirror, and I'm done."


CariDee: "Did you remove that from your ass last panel?"


Louise: "I need to go, I need to get my shit and need to go home! I'm not standing there taking shit from them, and that fucking Kelly Cutrone, I swear to God, if she was on the street, I'll knock her out!"


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"Work that red meat like a model"
(grey-haired judge whose name I can't remember from season 23, during avant-garde photoshoot in grocery store). That made me laugh so bad (and later on "party in the aisle!" from the same guy).

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