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S03.E07: An Origin Story Walks Into a Bar


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I liked that they made fun of Brent Morin's two chins and that he looks like Rocket Raccoon from 'Guardians of the Galaxy' -- then again he also looks like the Lemonhead candy mascot.


The Peace Love Paris sign on the chalkboard was a nice touch.


Seriously what's the deal with D'Elia and his legs -- he needs to stop that nonsense.


The evil looking blonde-haired kid was in the intro once again, this time beside Bridgit Mendler.


Actor Michael McDonald held the show title card at the end of the intro.


Some good quotes.


Shelley: You think I'm afraid of ISIS.  Bitch, I'm from Detroit.


Shelley: That actually reminds me of my first time.  That night was scary as hell.
Leslie: Awe, because you were nervous.
Shelley: Oh no, because we did it at a haunted house.


Shelley: I don't know Danny, my grandmother bred poodles so I know a blue ribbon bitch when I see one.


Danny: Look, uh,I know lately I been acting a little ... what's the word we always use to describe Justin ?
Brett: Puffy
Danny: No, no, no, not puffy
Brett: Not quite good looking enough for TV
Danny: (after flubbing his lines) He's good looking enough to be the second lead.


Candice: Hey do you guys do you think that we could not talk about this right now 'cause Moe's a virgin.
Berski: My leg would beg to differ.
Justin: So Moe went to town on some Pottery Barn pillows that I purchased -- boy, if those pillows could talk.
Danny: They'd say a man should not own us.


Jackie: What are you laughing at ?
Shelley: Oh it's just kind of funny watching you boss around a grown man like that
Jackie: I'm also going to need a pastry from the shop down the street.
Shelley: Yes ma'am.


Jackie (to Candice): Not now powderpuff, we're not a Disney show.

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Anyone do the East vs. West coast thing yet?  I've only seen the East one so-far, but really as usual I expect the West was probably funnier.


Christa Miller of course killed her appearance (at least in the East Coast one I saw). I mean she always does, and of course appears by default in any Bill Lawrence (her husband's) show, but I thought she was particularly on top of her game here. Even her character on Scrubs wasn't this mean, and while I wish would could have had a hint WHY she was so mean, you don't really have time for that I guess in a live 22 or so minute long script.


BTW: they even kind of joked about it in the context of the show, but Bill Lawrence is a lucky dude to have a wife who looks like that in her 50s.

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Quite a lot of difference between the two, including alternate jokes, a cute bit with Alessia Cara, and a physical ad lib by Christa Miller that Chris d'Elia clearly did not know was coming. So fun to be able to watch both versions. 

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Bill Lawrence is a lucky dude to have a wife who looks like that in her 50s.

Thanks to her plastic surgeons. I like Christa Miller, but in certain shots, she had Caitlyn Jenner's plastic surgery face. It made me sad.

I love that they keep ragging on Brigid Mendler for her Disney background.

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Finally got around to watching the West Coast feed -- there were some good ad libs, like during the Justin acting neurotic bit.


Justin: "Do you think either of us will ever get a movie."
Danny: "Not unless it's a really sad documentary about this show."


And then there were the joke differences from the East Coast feed.


Shelley: "That actually reminds me of my first time.  That night was scary as hell."
Leslie: "Awe, because you were nervous."
Shelley: "Oh no, because we did it at a Klan rally."


Jackie: "You got something to say marijuana-breath ?"
Shelley: "I just think it's funny watching you boss around a grown man like that. Look at him getting that wine."
Jackie: "You know I'm also going to need a pastry from the shop down the street."
Shelley: "Yes ma'am."


I'm pretty sure Chris D'Elia had no idea that crotch grab was coming from Christa Miller.  His reaction was pretty good.


Watching Brent Morin laugh through his lines when trying to call back Jackie was pretty funny.


And it was humorous when Danny was flicking spit off his barber cape at Justin.


Bianca Kajlich had the zinger of the night, when Jackie was pointing out everyone's faults.


Jackie (to Leslie): "With that haircut, you're like one Adidas track suit away from Jane Lynch."
Leslie (to Jackie): "Oh yeah, well, when the Drew Carey show as on I was five."


Which was particularly funny because in the East Coast feed Leslie didn't have a comeback line at all.

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