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The Original Cosmos with Carl Sagan

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I hadn't seen it back then, because it isn't even translated where I come from. I stumbled on it on the net, and liked so much I bought the DVDs. Carl Sagan's voice is somehow enticing, and the series teaches appreciation for science and respect for humanity more than just facts.


Worth of mention, Sagan's Pale Blue Dot speech:


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I remember watching the original Cosmos when I was 7. In fact, my family bought a Betamax so we could tape episodes. Still remember "7 helium nuclei makes silicon" and "If you want to bake an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe." 

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Moving forward to this current version, in the opening sequence, you notice how the letters CS come out of that black hole/eyeball and then expand to make the word "COSMOS" ??  I am firmly convinced the CS is a salute to Carl Sagan.

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