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Pick Spock's Brain: Wishing/Fantasy Topic

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  • 2 years later...

I don't want to hijack your thread. But when I started another thread that also had the word "wish" in the title, the mod closed it, saying that there was already a thread open. Yours is devoted to unrealistic wishing and fantasy, while mine was meant to consider our preferred resolutions to cliffhangers, as well as possibly other things we would like to see. Since we are stuck with one thread, I guess we can combine these discussions. 

It may be a moot point. I think people will see the title and assume it is about fantasy stuff, like time-traveling visitors from other Trek shows or Lorca's tribble taking over the ship, and not post about the stuff I'm interested in. Oh, well.

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Less Dutch angles, less poorly lit grittiness, less Klingons. 

More exploration of strange new worlds, more new life and new civilizations. AND NOT IN ANY WAY CONNECTED TO KLINGONS! Less stupid fucking war. 

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They can do whatever they want as long as we never again see a filler episode not connected to anything relevant in which the "plot" revolves around a mysterious sub-space anamoly that is resolved in the last two minutes with a tachyon pulse from the deflector dish. 


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I have warmed up to the idea that the Lorca we've seen is MirrorLorca, so I would be OK with that as a plot development -- but ONLY IF PrimeLorca is still alive and we get him back. My fear is that, if all we have is MirrorLorca, he will be short-lived. I can't see MirrorLorca continuing on the show beyond season 1, or whenever Discovery returns from the mirror universe. And I worry about the show remaining as engaging without him.

Thus, my "wishful thinking" continuation of the story would be that, in the back-half of season 1, we learn that MirrorLorca and PrimeLorca transposed at the time of the Buran disaster -- perhaps they are even collaborating somehow. PrimeLorca (whom the audience hasn't actually met yet) returns with Discovery to the prime universe at the end of the season; next season, he's the captain. The main reason I think this would be cool is because I think Jason Isaacs would totally rock playing a somewhat nicer version of Lorca, but one who every now and then displays the capacity for badassery and breathtakingly skillful manipulation that we saw from his counterpart.

Alternatively, I would also like it if the Lorca character we've known all along is, indeed, PrimeLorca, and he has a very good reason for bringing Discovery to the mirror universe. It would have to be pretty huge to justify possibly killing Stamets (I know he's alive from the previews, but Lorca couldn't predict that), endangering the rest of the crew, and failing to transmit the key to the cloaking technology to the rest of Starfleet. He mentioned once that "trillions" of lives were at stake. Maybe he just meant potential casualties of the Klingon war in the prime universe; maybe he has something more expansive in mind. 

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32 minutes ago, tpel said:


Alternatively, I would also like it if the Lorca character we've known all along is, indeed, PrimeLorca, and he has a very good reason for bringing Discovery to the mirror universe. It would have to be pretty huge to justify possibly killing Stamets (I know he's alive from the previews, but Lorca couldn't predict that...

I am not at all convinced that Lorca ever thought Stamets would be harmed in any way. I think he felt the jump would go just as smoothly as all the other prior ones. 

I am up for "Mirror" anything or "alternate reality"... but NOT time travel. (Prior Trek has beaten bumping through time to death already)

I found it interesting during the reveal in the finale that Lorca had been attempting to plot all the areas which could in theory be mirror universes. They had shown Lorca plotting points on those VR maps in several other scenes in prior episodes and I took those to he him plotting out the course of the War and clashes with Klingons. However it turned out to be something else entirely. That was a telling moment when he confided all that to Stamets (who was impressed with Lorca's apparent comprehension of the possibilities) and it basically confirmed that something behindthe scenes is driving a lot of Lorca's big picture decision making.

And Michael is obviously a very important part of whatever the heck is driving him. 

I guess we will have more of the blanks filled in....in 2 months!... pooooooh. ;)

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  • 3 weeks later...

No.  Kira/The Intendent have existed and interacted in both the Prime and Mirror universe.  Both Bashirs also existed in the Mirror universe but did not interact.  Same for O'Brien but in the Prime universe.  

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  • 1 month later...

Putting this under wish/fantasy, since I'm pretty sure it's not gonna happen . . .   If, as currently seems likely, the Lorca we've known so far turns out to be MirrorLorca, I want them to find PrimeLorca in the mirror universe and bring him back with them. Then, for the rest of the series, we get a Lorca whose morality, though on the pragmatic side, is more in keeping with previous captains, but who every once in a while does something breathtakingly manipulative. 

Yeah, I know, if the guy we've known so far is MirrorLorca, that probably means that PrimeLorca is dead :-(

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  • 1 month later...

I'm begging the Prophets that we get to see Philippa team up with Harry Mudd.

ETA:  And that Saru finds a book called "To Serve Kelpian" in Michael's quarters, but it's really a guide on how to be nice them.

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  • 7 months later...

I have been re-watching TNG on Netflix. The major glaring difference between the two shows is in the command structures. In TNG, the command structure is fairly flat and collaborative, with every senior crew member offering advice and information, allowing Picard to come to an informed decision, or defer to someone else's when they have a better understanding. In STD the command structure is hierarchical and combative, with no stock given to the advice of underlings and most relationships between senior crew members being polarised and defined by conflict. It feels very reflective of the societal and political changes in the real world between the two shows. 

I would like to see a return to the TNG command structure, with a competent leader who recognises that they are only as effective as the sum of the people they work with.       

The second major difference is that TNG actually explored philosophical questions, interesting scientific phenomena, diplomacy and cultural clashes and the wonder of physical and intellectual exploration; whereas STD is more interested in shooting things and explosions. 

I would also like a return to TNG on this front.  

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