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S01.E20: M.A.D.

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From IMDB: "Veronica helps her friend Carmen plot revenge on her clingy boyfriend, after he releases a scandalous tape of her over the Internet. Meanwhile, Keith decides to track down the missing Duncan in exchange for the huge Kane reward."

Another good one, a bit of a "filler" episode before the climax of the season but still a fun episode.

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Yep, definitely fillerish but fun.

They do a good job of making you simultaneously mad at Logan and feeling kind of sorry for him in the last scene.

It's a little silly how much Veronica can get away with in school, though. She has a reputation, both with students and teachers, but she can just stroll into class talking on a cell phone like a valley girl and nobody thinks anything of it? And the teacher isn't at all suspicious when navyface doesn't says the cell phone in the drawer isn't his like two minutes after Veronica picks hers up from the same drawer?

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I am finally watching this show after YEARS of wanting to --thanks, Netflix!!. I just watched this episode and agree that you can really feel bad for Logan but also just be so angry at him! I watch these one disc at a time and weeks can go before I get the next one (life, work, etc stands in the way of my binge tv watching as of late) and I don't feel that will be the problem going forward. I have the final disc in season 1 to finish which will be this weekend. I have also already put season 1 in my amazon basket.

And I love how most actors I love in other things appear in Veronica Mars (Steve Newlin for one!)

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So, going out on a limb here saying that while Logan may have sold the ghb, he wasn't the one that put it in Veronica's drink, or if he was, he wasn't the one that raped her.  Logan has certainly been an asshole, but I don't recall that he's done anything quite so hurtful as to rape, though I could see him putting it in her drink.  Amazing how fast they have this relationship between him and Veronica heat up, then blow up.


Hard to believe that the navy guy would really release that video, but I do like how they still managed to get him in the end.

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I'm (for some reason, maybe The Good Place) just now watching this for the first time, so please don't spoil anything, but I just had to pop in here and say, based on the Veronica-Logan shipping from the re-watchers, Logan must have seriously redeemed himself later in the series!  Because maybe I'm a tough crowd, but I'm definitely not a fan.  And I know we shouldn't judge based on appearances, but the guy has a serious resting smirk face (second only to deputy Max).

But, the good(?) old days... when 50k would put you through a couple years of Ivy League, and being suspected of being gay would get you kicked out of the Navy.  And, as always, it's always good to know some guys with duct tape.

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