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Where Wolves? Here Wolves!

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A thread for speculation and discussion about The Unfairest of Them All.


How did they begin?

How do they recruit?

Why don't they just shoot people?

Why do they use big axes and machetes when skulking around town randomly, but then when confronted by an obviously well-trained staff master, just sort of distance themselves around him half-assedly holding knives?


Maybe they'll tell us, or maybe, as usual, we'll just have to make it up ourselves.


Here's my fanwank of the week. The Wolves believe that you gain power by killing, but not by shooting. So they'll shoot if they have to, just to stay in the game, but if they're trying to gain enough XP to become a 19th Level Psychotic Killer they have to use melee weapons. Also, they have mutilation rituals which can, in their mind, increase the power that they gain by axe-murdering you or whatever.


As usual, I still can't figure out why we don't see more spears or polearms, but that's a complaint for every story arc...

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I liken the Wolves to Terminus, in that they all believe in something of the sort to being based loosely off a religiously fanatical cult.


With the Termites, it was being the "butchers" and eating people. 


With the Wolves, its (seems to be that) surrendering your humanity, debasing to the most basic of instincts and living in an animalistically brutal way is the only way to survive in this post-ZA world.


As for "recruiting" or wondering how they're number is what it is - for all we know, some of those Wolves were 'survivors' of Noah's old home community.  Or people who fought back and joined them after they ruined their 'homesteads'.


Wondering if we'll get a backstory arc for them or not - or even just a quick flashback to show the origins, ala Gareth, his mom and Terminus - but kinda hoping we do.

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I wish that I'd watched the entire series again, before season 6. Were those "wolves" that took over terminus, and then locked up (and eaten)? That one guy they let out of a train car, was insane, and violent, wasn't he?

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The Wolves are in Northern Virginia, Terminus is in Georgia, so I doubt that you are correct.

Good point. Add another random band of roving psychopaths to the barbie, makes sense in this universe.

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Wait, weren't the wolves carving shit into the trees in Georgia? Didn't the big ugly one they let out of the rail car have a W carved in his forehead? Maybe they have chapters all over the south to?

Too many roving bands of maniacs to keep track of.

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