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  1. JBody

    S09.E04: The Obliged

    Fuck you Derle. You got Glenn killed and you have the nerve to ask Rick if he remembers all Glenn did for Rick. FFS. This show continues to try my patience with the Derle-always-gets-a-free-pass nonsense. I wish that dirt pit had swallowed dirt bag Derle whole. In other news, I wish Merle would come back and kick Derle's ass again. And yeah Negan does not deserve the time of day from Michonne. Do NOT like them insinuating he's getting inside her head. Fuck you Show.
  2. JBody

    S07.E10: New Best Friends

    What I wanna know is -- why? I cringed when I first saw it. Let's not cite the preposterous cheapness of AMC when it comes to TWD. I've flogged that item to death for years. It may or mayn't be true, especially after Darabont has his way.... I am going to say this ridiculous greenscreen shot is a deliberate stylistic choice. We are heading into Chuck Heston's Planet of the Apes/Omega Man territory here. The show becomes more cartoonish all the time. Also I don't think I mind it too terribly much. I am not emotionally invested as I once was, so I at least hope to be entertained. The gritty realism, cinematic scope, and high drama are gone, replaced by Hammer film/OG Star Trek set pieces. While I watched Rick fighting off the spikey metal headed Winslow or Winston I had the Kirk vs Spock battle scene music in my head (Amok Time). GPK should not be several generations removed from "the before times" -- why are they speaking pidgen and moving in overt choreographed ways -- s'pose it just looks creepy and weird and fits into this Brave New World. One more thing: I will never understand the Kingdom's bending over backwards for surly Carol. That makes no sense to me and is simply preposterous. I'm happy the Daryl/Carol contingent had their moment but I am not a fan of hers.
  3. JBody

    S07.E10: New Best Friends

    OK guys -- so that green screen behind Rick and the Queen of the Garbage Pail Kids was really, incredibly, laughably fake, right? http://i.imgur.com/G4x3Equ.gifv
  4. S8 is a go. But ITA with you.
  5. Bamboo farming in the USA is a thing. If the Grey Cup wasn't on I'd be watching live but doesn't seem that I'm missing much.
  6. Tara bottle episode. Never thought it would come to this. Scott GHOST RIDER™ SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE Gimple, what have you done?!?
  7. YES. I'm so sick of Negan already and he's had a mere 10 minutes of screen time.
  8. I'm 100% unspoiled for this too, which should be interesting. DH is unspoiled for the mothership as well and he was pissed at the finale. Like /ragequit. Unfortunately, having invested 6 years in the thing, we're likely to see it through no matter the bullshit TPTB pull on their viewership.
  9. JBody

    Season 2 - Spoilers and Speculation

    Haven't read any spoilers about this show. Doesn't seem to elicit the same doggedness in pursuit of spoil intel the other show does. Which is cool -- looking forward to watching it unspoiled, quite the novelty for me.
  10. I'm in. I like boats. Also dig Strand and whatsherface, the main lady. I like her style. She is one cool customer. Druggie son can be eaten by humboldt squids anytime though, thanks. I'm sick to death of TWD mothership and its inanities (thanks Gimple, you vapid pustule) so FTWD seems, bizarrely enough, like a refreshing blast of cool Pacific air. Let the zed games begin!!
  11. JBody

    Michonne: A Weapon with a Weapon

    Wasn't it though? I'm still on a Richonne high with no plans to come down. Don't worry about the naysayers. They have always said and will continue to say the same 3 or 4 things and will likely continue to do so after the show is history.
  12. JBody

    Small Talk: Ughngnggh! Ugghhnnn!

    Oh dear that sucks out loud. I have the RBC app on my phone and it works just fine. It's a Sony experia though. Wonder why RBC hates Apple. They're the biggest bank here, you'd think they'd get their shit together.
  13. I dig this, but it works the other way too. Without modern medical intervention, nature weeds out the weaklings (not to sound like a throwback eugenicist here, hopefully that's obvious). Natural selection. So in this case the ZA is nature righting herself, as Nashville suggested upthread (I think), and to paraphrase good ol' Hershel from S2. This is the Medea hypothesis, contrary to the Gaia hypothesis. https://books.google.com/books?id=so9ZU88OBrEC&pg=PA3&dq=medea+principle&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjO86_jjePJAhVEox4KHfvFBBMQ6AEIHDAA#v=onepage&q=medea%20principle&f=false
  14. JBody

    Spoilers and Speculation

    True. I wonder if it would've been better to keep recasting Carl to keep him more in line with the comics (and to keep that hilarious but creepy panel with Negan: "Kid, I'm not going to lie to you --you scare the fucking shit out of me.") but too late now! I mean, ok, they can still do that, but TV Negan won't be towering over TV Carl, so the visual impact is lost.
  15. I'd like to think our walkers would freeze in the winter and then we could go around at leisure poking them in the brainstem with a crowbar or lopping their heads off a la Michonne. Obviously the big issue is other people. Population density is pretty low anyway. Head north. The land will suck for large scale farming but animals and fresh water will be plentiful. One could grow some stuff in the short growing season and forage wild plants. Lots of blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, saskatoonberries (beginning to sound like the Forrest Gump dude). We have the First Nations to thank for sumac tea to prevent scurvy. Rosehips too. Man we'd lose a lot of weight, as a nation. I'm not overly fond of those northern lakes though. Boggy. Lots of tannins and tons of leeches. Well, I'm sure I'd get over it quickly, under the circumstances....