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Watch A New Teaser Starring The Daily Show's New Host, Trevor Noah, And His Ass

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Oops, I didn't see this on TDSwJS thread and just posted it to TDSwTN thread.

Move over Bruce Springsteen, Kanye West is the new sound of TDS, I guess. (No idea whether or not Trevor actually likes Kanye.)

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I like the knock on Jon's height, with Trevor having to drop the seat so far.  (I was about to say that Trevor doesn't seem that tall either but IMDb says he's 6'1" so...)

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Laughed at how Trevor adjusted the seat. Looks like TDS will have a new look come Sept. 28 with a different looking set, a brand new logo, and judging by the Kanye song, a different attitude.


EDIT: Also noticed a different looking desk that doesn't look guest friendly. Wonder if there will be guests when Trevor starts.

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It's nice to see that Comedy Central is apparently springing for some suits that fit Trevor, rather than forcing him to squish into Jon's old suits the way Jon apparently had to swim around in Kilborn's suits when he took over TDS. 

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