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S11.E13: Gina Rodriguez

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It felt fast-paced and was fun! I enjoyed it, even with Helping Hands. I know!


Intros: Wayne- Ahoy, matey, Jeff- Unsinkable, Colin- Salty dog and Ryan- Look who's on the poop deck.

Games: Weird Newscasters, Duet, Theme Restaurant, Scenes From a Hat and Helping Hands.


While I enjoyed it, Weird Newscasters was feeling a bit rote. The first time I was really feeling that way, but I was able to enjoy what we saw. GI Joe rescuing Barbie was fun as they swung "over" a section of the set. Colin's hair ended up looking wonderful, in an accidental way. I think Ryan hit almost every cliché that he could and still made it fun.


Gina Rodriguez was similar to Adelaide Kane, from earlier in the season. Both seemed game to try stuff and actually elevated Helping Hands above just Colin making Ryan put gross combos in his mouth.  Plus her outfit was so freaking cute!


I enjoyed Theme Restaurant, aside from one joke; I hope that gets put in a heavier rotation. It was also nice to have a 4th chair interact with the guest star.  See, Show? Not hard to add a new-to-this-iteration game  into the mix! Thank you!


Helping Hands ended up being okay and funny!  " That looks scary."- Something I never thought I'd hear someone say about an apple. Then all the propfail was fun and had timing gold.


Now if they will add a couple more games for the season...


Fun episode, will probably stand up to re-watching and funny to boot! Good episode.

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Is it me or did this episode don a pastel-theme on the cast's wardrobe (even Wayne's striped socks had a little baby blue)? Even Aisha's pink jacket followed the color scheme and of course cuuuute. And I think periwinkle works very well on Jeff.


Speaking of Jeff, do I need to clarify how he is the epitome of sexy out of the cast? So was it really necessary to add "Sexy" to his French Maid quirk when he already embodies that through his voice, his humor and charisma (and looks, of course)? :P Also, this episode proves how far Jeff has come. Given his role in Themed Restaurant  shows how he can stand (or this case, sit) on his own with a celebrity guest and still be funny and sharp. To quote Actionmage, "See, show?"


As for Themed Restaurant, good for the show to mix it up a little, as long as I don't have to see Living Scenery again for another 10-20 episodes. And Colin proves after carrying Jeff and Randy Couture in the last episode he's working out in the gym bench-pressing. Good for him. :)


Eh. I thought Scenes from a Hat and Helping Hands were okay. My mind is still trying to escape after watching Kathie Lee Gifford's version. 


And everyone won agai- gosh, sometimes the show can become so repetitive. Once again, the formula and fun aspect of the show is its variety. So much for pandering in this grueling market. Anyways, a solid episode.

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So was it really necessary to add "Sexy" to his French Maid


Yeah; I was always lead to believe that the point of the "French Maid" was the sexay. Adding 'sexy' was not believing that the audience knew that . Thanks for the trust, or lack of editing, Show. 


I did not notice all the summery lightness, but I will keep an eye out on re-watches, The Luvly Junkie!

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Every time Aisha announces Scenes From a Hat I clap like a small child. No, really, I do. It's my favorite.


Geography Question: Those audience members who are seated along the passageway where the celebrity guest players enter cannot possibly see the actual stage can they? There seems to be a big chunk of the set blocking their view. I hope there are small closed-circuit monitors across from them so they can watch what's happening on the stage, otherwise the only reason to sit there is to get a high five from the random celeb.


Anyone else play "Find The Cute Guy Seated Behind Aisha"? Because there's *always* one.

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Yessssss. Call me Jeff Davis!

OK. You're Jeff Davis. :p


Pretty good show. 


Again I'm impressed and so entertained by Wayne's miming skills. His GI Joe bit was great. And then Ryan miming getting eggs out of chickens cracked me up. So to speak. Love Jeff messing with Colin's hair and buffing his head.


In Themed Restaurant, I loved the look Colin gave Wayne after he extinguished the candles Wayne lit. 


My favorite bit in SFAH was when they were doing the "Things you can say about your breakfast but not your partner," and Colin said, "The smell woke me up." I also loved when Wayne got groans for saying, "What, no eggs?" then said he was just going to stand there and bask in it. BTW, I'm tired of that setup -- Things you can say about your [blank] but not your partner.


I liked Ryan's toast in Helping Hands: "A toast to us, to reasonable rates, and free HBO."

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