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  1. Can't believe no one in the discussion thread pointed out the slight change of lineup for Hollywood Director. I thought Gary did an ok job for a director. He has the French-Canadian accent down and he's already bald to take Colin's place X3. You're not wrong, BookThief. I think with lax regulations in censorship on modern day television Whose Line is pushing for much edgier, sexual content, which is fine if taken in smaller portions per episode. I'm hoping one day, too, Drew will make a guest appearance and reclaim his role as the monkey butt of the other cast members' humor, which is probably why his hosting role plays a role in the success and relevance of Whose Line. Sure, Drew contributes the least in participation, but the fact that he had hosting duties while he was in his own sitcom and is rich as hell played for endless jokes by the cast. And he's always such a good sport despite his authoritative role in the show's conception. I always believed that if a show doesn't want to get stale, they should push the envelope of improv television, not by shoehorning celebrities that have a popular following or an audience who normally doesn't associate with the Whose Line Brand, but by playing around the format. They are taking baby steps by having Gary in the Hollywood Director role, but still... TAKE RISKS. In addition to episode marathons on holidays, have a special holiday episode akin to the UK version with more than 4 regulars participating. Since most of them do live shows on tour, maybe Whose Line should record a live episode or something, uninterrupted and unedited, to give those who haven't experienced a Whose Line taping or show the chance to watch in real time, then release it as usual on their website. Aesthetically pay homage to the past reincarnations in any way possible so that it mends the broken base who favors one version over another. Need more funds to keep Whose Line running? Put all the improvised songs from the show into one compilation album and sell it on iTunes or something, because I'm sure there are plenty of women and girls who will open their wallets to have Wayne, Jeff, Jonathan, Gary and Brad's vocal prowess in their speakers. All these ideas are practically gift-wrapped for the show and they use NONE of it. I can only wonder how long until the show realizes how predictable the format is and push riskier, media-focused ideas beyond the television matrix.
  2. First trailer of the new season ft. a brief snippet of Chip Charles Esten! (and some other guests to pad out the special guest spot) My guess for the lack of Chip in the trailer is for longtime WL viewers (like myself) to keep the nostalgia hype under wraps until the season begins, which is fine because I don't want a trailer to spoil the experience and humor of the episode. I really hope the Chip tapings will kick off the season if we longtime viewers have to linger in Chip's less than one-second clip. Also, considering why Chip finally makes an appearance since WL's revival makes sense because of his stable status in the country superstar world with Nashville and his Every Single Friday project, and 2017 seems to be the right time to publicize himself beyond the usual demographics. Now the "Nashies" who haven't experienced Chip's comedic stint will finally get a taste of it. Clever timing, boy :3
  3. All I can say is: TOOK THEM LONG ENOUGH. OG Whose Liners, you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. I caught up watching last night's episode covering the Women's March and Trump Admin.'s first day, and it was a big knockout-in-the-park episode. From the crowd-manhood metaphors, to Desi channeling every female Trump defender (and Kellyanne) in just a few minutes, to the message and execution of the Desi/Jordan team-up field report, I can look forward to TDS lighting a tunnel of hope and catharsis for the next 4 years.
  5. It's pretty weird at first to see Aasif in the guest chair, especially since I've been watching him in the correspondent role back in early TDS days, but I'm glad to see that he's been doing very well and taking strides to critique the portrayals of Middle Eastern/Muslims on TV. I hope he will find success in his future projects.
  6. Upon watching the "Fuck 2016" segment I couldn't help comparing John blowing up the 2016 sign into a slow-motion framed explosion to the work of the Slow-Mo Guys, who happen to also be from Britain and one of them having a strikingly recognizable nose. As for the segment itself, it felt cathartic but grim to reflect upon what's happened this year, and to see the 2016 in flames as the final image of the show felt a bit terrifyingly post-apocalyptic, making me anxious about 2017. Will Ollie-Scone and Trevor Noah be deported because of Trump's "I don't give a fuck" rhetoric? The only thing I hope for is that next year that the late night comics will hone in on 2017 and make it a tolerable year. I believe satire isn't dead til TDS' successors throw in the towel, and I doubt any of them are far from done with comedy.
  7. I suppose free jazz and the ending of last night's monologue made his day. Must I emphasize what a great ending Stephan made to lift our spirits up? Gotta hand it to Stephen's emotion and anger to hit the final assurance we all needed.
  8. Loved the throwbacks to Ollie-Scone being wrong during his Daily Show tenure. I was already aware about the Trump joke when he sub-hosted, but I didn't know about the Cubs prediction. Regardless, it was a fond trip back to his early days and to see how innocent and adorable he was (and still is). Boy oh boy has time flown by. There's only 1 day left before Election Day, so I implore anyone who hasn't voted yet to take the opportunity to prove the Ollie-Scone from 3 years ago wrong. If you're still frustrated and maybe you want to take it out on a highly beloved comedian, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO SHOW OLLIE-SCONE IS WRONG! XD
  9. I think that was the point, aside from being a Halloween special. I'm glad that the show is taking an experimental advantage to the holidays, which was completely absent during Jon Stewart's tenure in the 2010s. It may not be funny(ish) and too long, per se, but I get the impression that if we are gonna live in Trump-presidential country, you have to show EVERYTHING that will go downhill within the first 4 years, as well as bear forewarnings for anyone who hasn't voted yet or think their votes are meaningless just because if they are in more Democratic/Republican leaning states. It's less of a gag and more of a emotionally depressing vision as a result of America's "biggest political mistake".
  10. Joke or not, I wouldn't worry if Ollie-Scone puts his Emmy on the line. That proposition to Trump alone qualifies him to earn another Emmy next year. It's a win-lose-win guaranteed to satisfy either party. Also, I think Ollie-Scone is more level-headed enough to see his Emmy as a physical symbol of recognition for hosting and writing on a show that he is engrossingly passionate about. Ollie-Scone and his "I'm just doing my job, now play 'Exit Stage Music' to make my achievement less awkward" mindset has nothing to lose <3
  11. I'm busy tonight to watch TDS due to classes, but I'm making an early call that forum will rate Jordan's hosting skills as "passable". Also, judging after browsing through archival clips from the past year since Trevor became host that it was no surprise that Jordan would be the favorable sub. I've made myself accept that Jordan and Trevor are TDS' "Fake News Power Couple", not as strong as Stewart or Colbert, but their dynamics are slowly blossoming. <3
  12. As a decent viewer of American Horror Story, I can understand why this season is kept under wraps. Perhaps we, as a human race, can already predict the plot (or I guess clusterf**k) of the season, which will consist of a hot mess Ryan Murphy has in his scripts and characters. I'm no business major, but the teasers is just a way to build hype for new watchers intrigued by the mystery. I just think AHS viewers get overly spoiled and speculative with the teasers, but like reality, there are moments in which we must face the inevitable and unknown. And sure, TWD has pulled that strategy for their promotions, but with AHS' following, who are already familiar with the show and its teasers, this builds up the anticipation. And it fits too with their mystery subgenre. To those watching AHS tonight, watch the show with very, VERY low expectations. We know we've been duped, and many have speculated what the season will be about, but the only way to discover the truth, for better or worse, is to watch the premiere.
  13. More so than the painstakingly forced edits of her reactions in between games? I have to politely disagree that Aisha participating in the game doesn't bug or anger me as much as the editor who keeps pointlessly cutting Aisha's reactions during a game regardless of her expression. At least her participation fills the female inclusion void now that Nyima Funk doesn't show up much anymore. I'm assuming boy bands improvising songs aren't your cup of tea. If you ever come across Drew Carey's Improvaganza, avoid as much episodes as possible because there are plenty of trio songs scattered throughout, especially episode 25 (believe me, I know cuz I went to that taping). Once more, agree to disagree, though I will strike out the "duet" for dragging a bit too long. As for the audience guy, who is named Eric, give him a break. It's been a while since the US revival bothered to bring audience members to participate and the guy was the first; he was just shy and scared that three guys were about to sing to him. He was also refreshing to be pulled out after a repeating pattern of the woman being serenaded almost all the time in the first US Whose Line and Improvaganza. He's not the ideal choice, but you got to at least acknowledge the small victories of the show trying to include the audience to make up for the lack of it the last few seasons.
  14. trow125, "Death Taxes and Hillary" was written by Jen Spyra and Michael Brumm, according to colleague Ariel Dumas.
  15. To be fair his shirt seems like an updated style choice from his earlier Whose Line Days. The same for Jeff. If I may defend at least one of the duets (or should be really called Song Styles with Joey in the fray?), at least I'm more invested in the Joey Fatone one, the obvious reason being they stepped it up a bit on the format, AND BRINGING A MEMBER OF THE AUDIENCE TO BE SERENADED THANK GAWD!!!!! 3-4 seasons in and the show FINALLY took them long enough to do that. And using Joey's credentials as a previous boy band member justifies the twist, although I can do without the roasting humor, mostly the Timberlake jokes. Come to think of it, didn't Wayne (and I guess Jonathan) have previous connections with Timberlake? Also, respect to the audience guy, Eric, for being a shy, but good sport who will probably be scarred (or blissfully thankful) for life after he was groped and caressed by Wayne, Jeff and Joey. Seriously, WHY HAVEN'T THE WHOSE LINE SINGERS NOT FORMED A BOY BAND YET WITH A COMPLIMENTARY ALBUM?
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