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S03.E07: Fight Like A Girl

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If this episode wasn't for you, you'll have to wait three weeks for something new. On the bright side, Amy will finally be getting her show at the top of the hour.


Lots of stuff to comment about . . . . Amy as a first-time stripper for a dog bachelor party, a museum to hipster male faux pas that parallels the Holocaust, a bit about male order husbands that was inspired by Ambien . . . oh, and Amy laughs at a guy who got drunk and bought a star. Like, almost to the point of rolling on the ground in hysterics. Poor bastard.


Forgive me for being naïve socially . . . is comparing a woman to her mother really a point of no return? Because Amy went to town on those cinder blocks.

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Don't forget the parody of "Say Yes to the Dress" - that was priceless and spot on.


She is a goddess.  When I first saw her on the Charlie Sheen roast, wasn't quite to my liking but I felt that same way when I first saw South Park.  I haven't watched new episodes of South Park for a couple of years, but I'm not missing any of Schumer's show.

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I haven't liked the past few episodes a whole lot but this one was great, adored the Say Fine to the Shirt sketch, just adored it.  And a sketch on how men and women communicate is never not funny to me.

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I don't know the say yes show, but that sketch was funny.

Seriously, picking her crack was hilarious.

I liked the fighting sketch because no way you say anything about being on your period. I mean, a knife was tame. But the one guy said all the right things and she was curled up on the bed.

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How did they miss an opportunity to say "Get your paws off me!" at the Batchelor Party? I learned very early in life from listening to my parents that you don't compare a woman to her mother (so early, in fact, that I didn't connect that my Mom's Mother was my Grandmother!).

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I've never been to that kind of bachelor party, but there were certain aspects, e.g., "Alright gentlemen, that's one strike! Two strikes ends the party!" that seemed to be true to life. I LOL'd at the reproachful look on the pug's face after Amy hit him with her hat. Nice edit.

My GF is a Say Yes To The Dress fan so I saved this ep so she could see that skit.

There really weren't any clunkers for me - the picking out of the butt crack was genius. Funny show all the way around this week.

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