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I was surprised that both Nicole and Cheryl opted out of the jump splits. They're both strong and flexible enough to do it, but it can be a little scary if you haven't done them before.


So the rapping with Snoop Dogg turned into Joe Jonas singing while Jeff rapped, which isn't quite the same thing.


I felt kind of bad for super group #1 since it was obvious that Jeff is the least coordinated of the six contestants, but they did a decent job getting around that.


I was disproportionately annoyed by the fact that he kept mispronouncing Nicole's last name. The celebs are doing all sorts of difficult challenges. All Wayans has to do is say "Sherzinger" correctly, and apparently that's too strenuous.

Ha, no kidding. EVERY FREAKING EPISODE he stumbled over her name. First of all, it's not that difficult to pronounce. Second of all, if I were the host of a show and had to announce a difficult name every week, I would go to this person and ask her how to pronounce it and then practice it. Not rocket science, dude.

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As usual, I got the voting wrong.  I was a bit more impressed with Tel-A-Vision than the rest of you and had it as #1.  The "rapping" turned out to be about as lame as i thought it was going to be, so I had it as #3.  Maybe I just wanted Ciara to get a few points!


Whether it's with the same celebs or a different batch, the likeability and no fighting are a must.




I wonder how much time the third member got to practice on the routines they didn't do (Ciara and the Globetrotters, Joe on the aerialbatics, etc.)  They all did pretty good on acts they didn't have the whole week for (unless there was  2 to 3 weeks of extra Finale practice time).


The story was weak.


At least i wasn't as bad as the mad scientist one.

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 So  I guess this show isn't coming back?  Despite the renewal last year, it's been radio silence since then.   There's no news stories about the show, IMDB doesn't show a second season in production and it's not on the coming soon show list on the NBC website.  I guess They Can't Do That.

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That would make me sad. It was a fun, silly show in the best way, especially for summer. Maybe they are waiting for next spring? The right combo of celebrity contestants? ( As ABC seems to have gobbled up a few handfuls on that end.) 

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