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Noah (2014)

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We're going to see this tonight, so I'll post my thoughts afterward.

Not a Russell Crowe fan at all, but this does look good.  The director was on GMA this morning and he actually built an ark according to the dimensions in the Bible.  He said there is very little CGI because he wanted to get the emotions of the actors.

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Do not see this movie if you are looking for the Bible story.

It's a good movie if it's just telling a story with a moral. However.... There's so much B.S. that it really made me jaded by the end when Noah talks abt man's responsibility to the Earth and other living creatures.

I don't remember stone Watchers, Cain's evil king desendant, Methuselah being in the flood story, Ham & Jeosaphat being unmarried , and Noah threatening to kill his grandchildren!

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I sat through the whole movie but as soon as I saw the Rock 'n Rollin' Transformers, I was done trying to take it even halfway seriously. That scene of total depravity and decadence at the pre-flood camp was something to behold though. It was like something out of a Salvador Dali painting.

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I don't remember... Methuselah being in the flood story


I haven't seen the movie, but depending on the source and computations, Methuselah lived until the year of the flood, so it's not wrong that he would have been around. (By other reckonings, he lived till 14 years after the flood, which makes for interesting speculation -- like he was good at holding his breath...)

And Noah did curse Ham's son Canaan, but I guess the movie does it differently? (Jehosaphat belongs to a whole different era -- was Japhet intended?)

Jehosophat is of a much later date. Did you mean Japheth?

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