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S05.E06: Crazy Love

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I was scared the Ian was going to accidentally or purposely kill the baby.  I didn't think the show would go there, but it's Shameless, so there's always the possibility they might.  I still don't think dude who plays Ian is anywhere near Emmy worthy, but congrats to him for being semi-convincing this episode.

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I was also scared some horrible accident would happen to the baby. I wasn't so much worried it'd be purposeful, but I was just waiting for the baby to fall off the hood of the car, or Ian to start shaking him when he was crying or something. I was so relieved that didn't happen. Whenever really sad things start to happen in Shameless, I get worried that it's going to reach the level of that penultimate episode of Season 2 that left me feeling totally shattered. That one (one where Monica tries to kill herself, Karen gives birth, etc.) in particular was just brutal.


I'm not digging the Kev & Vee storyline, and not just because I loved them together and don't want them to break up. I don't like it because I don't feel like it makes sense... It's like they are not the same Kev & Vee from previous seasons - as if the writers just didn't know what else to do with them, so they decided to break them up. *sigh* 

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The Kevin/Veronica subplot bugs me so much. V was normally the rational one, but as soon as she contracted baby rabies, she lost all logic and rationality. Despite the fact that the two were living barely above the poverty line in the South Side of Chicago and seeing how their neighbor and best friend was struggling to raise five kids on her own, one of them being an infant, they're like, "Yah, babies!" They own a struggling bar and an equally struggling porn site, one of them is barely literate, and they're always in danger of their neighborhood being gentrified and being priced out. And at one point, those two nitwits were about to have FOUR babies at once. 


Then V is so narrow-sighted at what life with babies is actually like. "The same as it's always been, just with two new people in the house?" Really? I don't even have kids and I understand the reality of having kids. Hence why I've chosen to not have any. Hi, we're Homo sapiens. Thanks to evolution and our insistence on becoming bipedal, we come out very incomplete compared to other mammals. It takes us 5-6 months before we can even sit up without aid. Other mammals have some degree of mobility within hours to days of birth; it takes us nearly a year. We're extremely dependent for the first few years of life. Life will not be the same. You have to share your spouse and you don't get to be the sole focus, nor get top consideration. Not until the new people aren't so new and can go five minutes unsupervised without nearly killing themselves.


You'd think V would ask Fiona about the realities of child-rearing.

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