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S02.E09: Old Flames

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Does anyone else find Jasmine to be a weirdo?  Like, the way she talks... it sounds ridiculously scripted, and on top of that, corny.  


In other news, I still feel it's unlikely these people will solve the puzzle next week.  

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Potential Spoiler Warning!


The matches are obvious:


Alexandria & Anthony

Ashley & Dario

Briana & Brandon

Ellie & Nathan

Jasmine & Alex

Jenni & John

Jessica & Garland

Paris & Pratt

Shelby & Curtis

Tyler & Layton - double matched with Christina


If Christina goes up next match and picks anyone other than Layton, she could screw up the game and make the entire group lose as they will not be able to change her choice.  I think she is stupid enough to lose it for everyone and that's why they won't win.

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If everybody else picks the right guy, which they should all know by now (if they didn't the host pretty much pointed it out to them at last night's ceremony who needs to switch), then no matter who Christina picks that guy has the option of switching her for the last girl, who should be the right one, no?

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They seemed so much more on the ball this EP. I wonder if there was some off-camera help.

They should throw the competition to make sure Ashley and whoever pairs with her are one of the winners and send them to the TB.

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Yes, I totally noticed that all of a sudden they were with their right matches, in some cases "out of the blue". So either they got help, or they figured it out off-camera. I think there was some fake drama to mess up one pair so that they have the right number of episodes.


I feel badly for Tyler and Ellie, because IMHO they are getting the least desirable guys of the house.  I also want girl  Alex to run for the hills. If she is worried about getting cheated on then she needs to avoid Anthony no matter what the computer says. They are NOT a perfect match in real life. She wants a relationship and he has shown with his actions and SAID WITH HIS WORDS last night, that he is not ready. Which is fine. He is young and wants to have fun. I think that he has been honest about that throughout this game, so I don't hold that against him.

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I get what Nate was saying about Christina. She was acting like he was it for her last week. She sure knows how to love ‘em an leave ‘em.

Nate and Ellie make a ton of sense given their backgrounds — and about equal physical appeal. I’m surprised I didn’t see it sooner. That said, Nate...ew. Ellie could do better, but I don't see her with someone like Anthony, either.

Alexandria being described as a trophy wife and not minding! LOL, she was one of the few who preferred beauty over brains in last week’s challenge, so it’s not surprising that’s how the house sees her.

I hadn’t really noticed Alex before, but he’s cute! I love how he wears his hair. Reminds me of a troll doll, and I love troll dolls.

Jess was so orange, she looked like a pumpkin. A crazy-eyed pumpkin.

Layton the man-ho who keeps sleeping with Jess thinks he shares view and values with Ashley… hah-hah-hah!! Dario conquering Ashley… what a foot-in-mouth moment.

I don’t see more than one or two of these couples making it out in the real world.

I didn’t quite hear Christina’s rationale for why it’s better if she sits one out. She mumbled why she felt that way. Anyone get it? Was it because if she’s the extra one, and she was in the mix, then it’s more likely to affect another match? That makes sense, rather than having a girl who doesn’t know if she has only one true match standing on the sidelines.

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I think Christina is a shitty person and thus, it's not surprising that horrible Layton is her match.  And I think the entire series was edited to pit Tyler and Christina against each other, so I'm not surprised they're the double match, although they don't seem all that similar as people to me... actually, none of the matches make all that much sense to me,either,  based on what we've seen.  I think maybe Ellie and Nathan make the most sense - they both go all in with people who are just not on the same page ("guys who don't give me the time of day" in Ellie's words) and don't have a lot of concern with appearing crazy. I happen to think Nate is physically attractive, just not...emotionally stable, I guess.  


I think, overall, the guys were much more attractive this season.  

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Scrappy you're absolutely right, but there's no need for spoiler alerts, because I pointed that out a week ago :) 


BTW .. I also think that they had some off camera help. they had absolutely no clue till the episode 9. The show has to have 10 episodes with "happy" ending. I honestly cannot imagine how can be someone so stupid like these people. The have a big chance of winning 1mil dollars and they're not strategizing, writing down previous matchups, making charts.. nothing. They're just yelling at each other, fuck and drink booze. What a douchebags.. but I also understand that season full of nerds would be extremely boring. So maybe that is the intention.. like pick 20 people who are stupid enough for the show.


All in all.. I have to admit I like the show and it's concept. But I think it can be much better than it actually is (maybe especially because of who mostly watch MTV).

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BTW .. I also think that they had some off camera help. they had absolutely no clue till the episode 9. 


I agree.  They were all a clueless mess until episode 9...there's no way they suddenly went from that to 8 matches without a little assistance.  At the very least, maybe MTV cut off their alcohol so they had nothing else to do besides strategize.  


But they are a particularly dimwitted group so I still maintain that this might not work out...it should, they have all of the pieces of the puzzle that they need but still....

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What makes me laugh is Ashley being "the virgin" but still snogging everyone and rubbing up against them on the dance floor. Yes, so innocent... *cough*FAKE*cough*

Jenni & John... why is he so proud to have her as his match after what she put in her mouth? Ew! Anthony's dong has been in multiple other girls (and probably a few guys off the show)! and he's kissing that mouth which means he's also kissing that dude's schlong and all his partners!! Haha!

None of these kids have any class. They might look pretty but what's underneath is just sad.

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Scrappys!! ROFL, I didn't think about it that way, but you nailed it. Similar to how Anthony and Layton are nailing anything that moves.

I think maybe Ellie and Nathan make the most sense - they both go all in with people who are just not on the same page ("guys who don't give me the time of day" in Ellie's words) and don't have a lot of concern with appearing crazy.

Exactly. They both have glommed onto one of the most attractive/popular/perceived-as-desirable people in the house and imagined they had a real shot. Which girl was it Nate was hung up on early on, Paris or Shelby (one of the two who left with her "perfect matches")? In any case, it was obviously not going to happen, just like it was obvious that Anthony isn't physically attracted to Ellie, who seems to be the one girl he never hit on.

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It was Shelby - probably the prettiest girl in the house - that Nate was obssessed with.  To Ellie's credit, she didn't seem nearly as insane in the Anthony situation as Nate did in the Shelby situation.  But you're right - both aren't really self-aware regarding their chances with the objects of their affection, and they both seem to just let it all out there for everyone to see, which is so uncomfortable to watch!  When I was their age, I wouldn't have ever faced rejection so aggressively and with so little regard for my own potential humiliation! 

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