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S02.E06: Three Queens


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NOTE: Reign airs on Wednesdays in Canada, meaning that the episodes are very often viewed a day before they have aired in the US. Therefore please be aware that this thread will almost definitely have spoilers for those who wish to wait until Thursday night to view the new episode.


Mary and Catherine hide in the woods, masking their identities in the midst of a peasant uprising, and a concerned Francis forms a search party for them. Elsewhere, Lola seeks financial independence, but then she ponders Lord Narcisse's tempting offer.






Producer's Preview (some spoilers):










The only thing that came even close to matching Megan Follows' performance were Adelaide Kane's reactions. I love how when Catherine says a line that, a year ago would shock Mary, Mary's face is just like, "fuck it, it's Catherine." I do wonder how many takes the hatmaker dialog took, cause I was laughing my butt off! The only thing that was a little off the mark for me was the running joke about her always wanting to eat. Years ago I read a book on Catherine De'Medici's young life and I'm pretty sure she came close to starvation at some points while she was held hostage as a girl. At least she wasn't nearly as well-fed as now.


Loved the historical in-joke of having the fake Mary have the real Mary's red hair, and the additional mention that our Mary didn't look tall enough. (The real Mary of Scots was described as being quite a tall woman.)


This was a good break from all the heavy drama, but I'll admit that I wanted it too be farcical to the last, with Francis just walking into the tavern while the fake royals were doing their shtick and everyone freaking out and bowing in the proper direction. (And honestly Mary, it's sweet you wanted to give the poor girl a job, but in these cases I'm pretty sure you need to behead imposters. Like, that would be medieval standard.) But it was an interesting twist that Elizabeth was behind it. Francis should employ Catherine to come up with some kind of equally bizarre and dirty revenge. I'm amused as always to be for once rooting against Queen Elizabeth in a Tudor-era piece, although I don't hate her.


Otherwise, I liked Kenna and Lola 's interactions (and especially Kenna's assertion that Bash would basically get her makeup over her cold dead body). Poor Lola, being disowned. As for Narcisse, I was all for him being sexy and sweet while, again, also being a bad bad man, but the bath-taking thing crossed the line into skeevy for me. It was sweet that he helped her out with the money before the bath part, but still. Ick. I like where this possible relationship is going though. Lola may turn out to be Mary and Francis's secret weapon against Narcisse.

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Megan Fallows is a gem. This entire episode was fantastic. I loved the Mary/Catherine hijinks. It was so nice to see them bond. I thought Catherine's advice to both Mary and Francis (at the very end) came from a place of love and admiration. She's a very resourceful woman, but she loves fiercely, and I think she's starting to love Mary. There were so many memorable exchanges, but my favorite was about the poison when they were in the carriage. MF nailed that scene. 


Lola is going down a slippery slope. I am worried about her. 

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I really liked this episode. Reign desperately needed a light episode. It reminded me of the early days of reign which I really miss.

I have little to no complaints about this episode. Tho I thought it weird that Catherine told francis to open up to Mary after she told Mary to close herself off from Francis. Does she really think Francis is like his father? It doesn't matter if Francis opens up now if Mary has taken Catherine's advice to heart.

I still think it's a bad idea to share his secret with Mary but definitely think he needs to tell Catherine.

Kenna is still lovely and Lola I'm warming up to. She's certainly interesting with Narcisse. And Craig Parker is absolutely nailing his role as Narcisse.

Anyone thought it weird Conde was hanging around the castle eager to help after Francis released the Catholics who killed his nephew last week? I get Francis is a bit preoccupied right now but I don't get how he can't see that Conde is not his friend.

Once again, poor Torrance Coombs. I prefer Bash over Conde so I hate that Bash is getting the shaft. It should've been him riding with Francis and leith to find Mary.

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Are Francis and Mary crumbling on the way to his death or on their way to a Darnley/Bothwell (ick Conde) situation?


I dislike the illgit plot but Anna Popplewell is doing way better than last year with storylines even so. She is more a player than Kenna ever was, after a handful of episodes. However Kenna is right that a lot of royal mistresses had to grab any chance to acquire land and jewels to survive after their affair with the King ended, although she didn't seem to get any herself.


Within the Reign Universe I expect and don't mind Elizabeth being used as a boogie man villain, even though she far more than May is my home gal. But there isn't a great deal of evidence that she gave a stuff about owning/conquering Scotland for its own sake, I don't think. Yep she interfered and supported Scottish protestants, though they didn't exactly always support her.


Mary's real historical "Bash" brother was a powerful figure in Scotland. If they were going to have "Beige!Conde" instead of Bash they should have brought back "Scottish!Bash" back instead.


Seriously did Torrence Coombs piss someone off or need discreet time off for personal reasons?

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What a great episode. This show sometimes reminds me of Downton Abbey in how it addresses the lack of power and equality women have, head on -- without making some kind of sexist statement about it. In that sense, Catherine is Violet/Maggie Smith. Megan Follows' presence holds the show up, and it would be a vastly different show without her there. This was a fantastic use of Catherine and Mary -- and a really nice character evolution. When I think of how much she held Mary at arm's length last year, she's really evolved. The growing trust and respect between these two women has been a pleasure to watch.


I continue to enjoy Lola and Narcisse -- though Lola actually getting her dowry back requires some massive hand-waving in terms of believability of the times. Narcisse is a great character -- I'm never sure from one moment to the next if he's going to turn on the charm or slit someone's throat. Or slit someone's throat while turning on the charm. I hope they keep him a villain to Francis, and sweet to Lola. It's a great dichotomy they have going.


Francis: you idiot. As the Genie in Aladdin would say: Tell (Mary) the TRUTH!!! Dude, your wife just slaughtered an armed guard with a hairpin. Pretty sure she's gone beyond the "my wife must be protected" stage.

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