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S01.E04: Moppa


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Maura finally comes out to Ali, and they join Sarah on a field trip to the mall - where they all get rude lessons in womanhood. Josh is forced to confront his past thanks to questions from Syd (Carrie Brownstein) about his longtime relationship with Rita.


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Awww, Moppa is such a cute name!

I am still trying to understand how Josh is having the most sex of all the characters on this show. Never underestimate the poweR of a hipster beard, I guess.

I loathe Ali buying makeup just to get her dad to pay for it so she can return it for cash, especially after he already gave her a check a few episodes ago. Gawd, GET A JOB.

I liked Davina helping Maura with female body language. As difficult as it can be to relearn things like posture, it can really help in public situations.

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Ali was insufferably immature this episode. GROW UP. And yes, get a job. Everyone is treating her like the younger sister, but that doesn't mean she actually still is a fuckin' teenager.


The bathroom scene was great/awful. When I watched the pilot back when it was first released, I thought "Well, a fun comedy would be nice, I guess." And it's not really a fun comedy at all, is it? In the first 3 episodes their lives already imploded, and now this. It was good, very good, to have the bathroom scene at all, and even better to have it play out like it did. Because there are issues that are part of a late transition. Also, until this episode, I managed to watch the show without really thinking about the real life debate around women-born-women.


Interesting tidbit that someone else gave Maura her name. I wonder what happened in the years between then and now, what happened with Marcy and why Maura is only transitioning now. That doesn't seem to be a happy story.

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