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S12.E04: Movie Week

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I don't know if the episode number is correct because it doesn't count results shows, but I'm just trying to follow the existing format.


Movie Week! Who knew it was possible to do ballroom dances using a movie theme without acting out the entire movie? I was shocked Pasha was allowed to dance to a song from Armageddon without wearing a helmet, then I remembered this is Strictly and not DWTS. It's refreshing.


Frankie and Pixie are consistent standouts, although I've warmed up to Frankie more so than Pixie. I'm not sure if that's because of Kevin or in spite of him. He has a personality, which is a must for me, but I'm not sure if I quite like what that personality is. Frankie was great although she looked lost for a few moments. This was the most I've liked Pixie although the routine started to lag at the end. She and Trent looked washed out with all of the yellow and blonde happening. Her skirt was amazing though.


Sunetra's dance was probably a real triumph of style. Her dancing itself was ok, but everything else in the production elevated the number. Gorgeous costumes, appropriate music, and enough acting on her part to smooth over some bobbles made the whole number better. Overall well done and good for Brendan for taking a good song and running with it.


I still wish Jake had a different partner. Last week's salsa was great and completely in Janette's wheelhouse. I wish they would switch in Joanne for the ballroom numbers. 


Speaking of Joanne, that samba was just awful. Not a fun awful either. Scott's costume was terrible too. Just no. Tim is awful too, but I find him more enjoyable.  I want him and Natalie to stick around for a while.


I'm disappointed to see Simon struggling. I like him and I'm actually warming up to Kristina a little. I hope this week was a fluke and he makes it far. I think he has a lot of potential.

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I liked Tristan and Jennifer's dance too - she looked so happy and finally relaxing a bit and getting into it.  But she mouthed the words to the song - maybe that was the only way she could remember the steps?  I think that sort of overshadowed everything else.  And she danced third (they danced 2nd last week.)  Two weeks in a row of TERRIBLE placement, especially when there are 15 couples!  (14 this week)  And you can't vote until all the couples have danced - and even then, they only give you 20 minutes!  So placement matters even more!!  Whoever is fresh on your mind, you're much more likely to hurry and vote for.  Oh well, I think they do pro numbers every week, with everyone, so hopefully there will be a lot more Tristan to see!!


I confess I haven't watched all the other dancers this week, though I saw some.  I thought the host Tess Dailey had settled down a bit and was calmer and did a better job.  The first couple weeks she seemed so nervous she made me uncomfortable.  I always ALWAYS love Claudia - huge girl crush!!!  So I hope they keep her, whatever else they might decide to do about the hosting since Bruce Forsyth retired.


I think my favorite of the remaining couples is Brendan/Sunetra.  I haven't really warmed up to anyone else who's still around, though Pixie last week seemed to be an incredibly good dancer - just not yet 'there' on her personality.  I'll keep trying.  Frankie and Caroline have been good, as well, in the dances I've seen.  So there are 3 great female dancers, 1 improving and very charismatic one, Sunetra, and with the guys, I sort of come up empty. 


I guess Jake is great -- but I don't think he's been nearly as good in the ballroom dances as that incredible samba or salsa, whatever that thing was where he was throwing Janette all over the place.  And the other guys are worse - I thought Simon and Thom would be great young hotties but eh, not so much.  It'll be interesting to see which guy(s) make it to the finals -- which is 4 couples this year.  The fact that they switch the number of finalists around makes me suspicious that they already have the finalists "selected" -- and having a dance off every single week pretty much assures they can control who goes, and the wacko song assignments they sometimes give, along with the dance position on the night -- poor Simon went 4th so no wonder everybody forgot him, though his rumba was nothing to write home about - well, like in the US, they have so many tools to get whatever result they want :(


Anyway, that's all I got, having not watched all of it.  I may be back but it's kind of heartbreaking to face, knowing that Tristan's out already :(  It may take me a while to work up the courage to watch the whole thing without being sad.

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An up and down evening. Some real stinkers, some standouts, an Idiot From Abroad and the ouster of my favourite Irishman.


In the good category, I really enjoyed Thom for the first time. He was relaxed and had some genuine personality shining through. Helps that he had such a great song in "New York, New York". Also liked Sunetra a great deal, she is so self assured and happy when she dances. It's very relaxing to watch her, you never get any tension or apprehension from her. She had great style and Brendan choreographed a terrific American Smooth. Also, thought Frankie/Kevin, Pixie/Trent and Caroline/Pasha were good. Caroline really commits to the dances. I wasn't a fan of hers before this show, but I might be coming round.


I liked the mood of Jake's Waltz. It wasn't an expected one and it certainly was missing a lot of the expected movements of a Waltz, but I did enjoy it. I think these ballroom numbers are where we are going to see Janette's weaknesses shine through.


Judy is just so stiff and tense. My friend commented that it's like she's never heard music before. He's right. She doesn't seem to hear it at all. Such a great song, such a wasted opportunity. But this is where I take issue with the Token Idiot we got saddled with this week. Donny Osmond has absolutely no business commenting on technique ever. Ever. He can talk performance but not technique. His stupid comment about Anton leading Judy throughout the dance----uh, yeah Donny---that's how it works! What a dope. I just wanted to reach through the TV and punch him. He wins one season of DwtS and he thinks he's Gene Kelly.


Simon is getting lost in the middle. He isn't terrible but he needs some standout routine. Alison was never going to do a good Jive. It was so laboured and she barely danced. I think Alijaz did what he could, that's all there is to say about that one. 


Jennifer.....oh geez. She seems nice, but she needed to be good this week. The lip-synching was really distracting. I like ABBA, but that song was a terrible choice to dance a Foxtrot to---talk about getting the short end of the stick.


Scott looked like a walking sunburn. That routine was just awful. I really question if Joanne is teaching him technique or just coaching him to be outrageous and "entertaining". He's frankly neither as far as I'm concerned. Cannot believe they are still there.


I love Natalie, so I like Tim by association.


Who am I forgetting? Oh right, Mark and Steve. Yup---pretty forgettable.

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