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  1. Wait - you can eat burdocks?? To me, they are a sticky weed that used to get stuck in my dog’s coat when she rolled around on the grass. We used to have to cut it out of her fur. Not appetizing. I am disappointed that Shota lost, but they didn’t love his burdock course, and he made the fatal mistake of undercooking his rice. Too bad. It was clear that Dawn would lose during her disastrous first course. Too many components, and she didn’t give Jamie clear directions. I thought her beef cheeks and black eyed peas looked delicious, as well as her dessert. It seemed like Gabe had fewer mis
  2. I had a feeling everyone would be safe because all the judges were smiling at the end of their deliberations. It’s okay, though. I agree with the poster who said that they didn’t have enough prep time. It must take ages to shell the crabs, on top of all the other prep work and the time to cook the food. That crab looked so delicious. Such an upgrade to the cheddar cheese challenge! Why were the judges passing around Gabe’s torn tortilla after the meal? And so much food left off the plates tonight. Wouldn’t you make more than you need just in case you drop one or something? I don’t know
  3. I kept falling asleep and having to rewind, probably because cheddar cheese is such a boring ingredient. Thank you judges for finally getting Jamie out of my tv. Fish and cheese just sounds wrong. I remember really liking Nina back in her season. I wish we had seen more of her tonight. The seasons often blend together in my mind, but didn’t she come in second place to a real mediocrity? Dale seemed to take personal offense at Dawn‘s plating lapses. He’s right, though. That’s just inexcusable at this point in the competition.
  4. Good lord, that was painful. I was hoping that Maria would be eliminated and I was afraid for a minute that the judges would give Jamie her way. I felt terrible for Maria being put in that situation. I felt less terrible when she called Jamie an asshole. And then I remembered that she blamed her wife and son for causing her to cook bad food because of the ingredients they lovingly sent her, and I was back to feeling happy. I am worried for Dawn. She needs to focus and not leave components off the plate. Gabe’s dish looked so good. He is peaking at the right time.
  5. First of all, so many of the judges looked spectacular in the elimination round. There were a lot of great jackets, and can we talk about Kwame’s coat? It was gorgeous! I was sad for Byron that he was beaten so badly in the first 2 rounds. It had to feel terrible. I wasn’t surprised that he lost. He and Dawn made essentially the same dessert, so it made sense that she would win. I am really loving this season. I don’t ever remember wanting to visit a city that has been featured on Top Chef, but I would love to go to Portland just based on what I have seen in these episodes. Sh
  6. I agree about the lack of cooking space. Shota had this problem with his chicken when he tried to stuff that massive pot into the oven. I don’t know why he thought he could cook the chicken that way. It looked so nasty on the plate. You can’t crowd chicken pieces together like that and have any hope of browning the skin. I was kind of surprised that Dawn was in the top three. I thought her meal looked delicious, but who wants to eat a big hunk of red meat at lunch? I would need a nap after eating that. Jose Andres is a saint. I choked up when they played the clips of the hospital wo
  7. Okay, Dawn totally took both hands off the steering wheel while she was driving. What the hell? Mushrooms make me violently ill, and I don’t like game meat, so these were not my favorite challenges. I still liked watching the chefs have to work together to make coherent dishes out of such disparate ingredients. I would love to be able to come up with creative recipes on the fly here in year 2 of the pandemic. I like Nelson but I was willing to sacrifice him in the service of pykag-ing Gabriel.
  8. Jamie should have gone with her first instinct not to make chicken wings again. She let douchey Gabriel talk her into making them. I wish he had gone but there’s always next week. That being said, her wings looked unappetizingly rubbery. Dawn was smart to make gourmet popcorn. I didn’t catch what was in it, though. Byron has been under my radar until now. His chicken looked delicious. Shota has to step it up. Whatever that monstrosity he made was, it looked inedible. And the dead dog story didn’t help. I would totally watch a show with Gregory, Kwame and Melissa. They are fun, interes
  9. They tried not to make it so obvious that Kiki would have to go by harping on how bad Nelson’s dish was. But raw chicken? Just typing that made me gag. I agree that Avishar did not have enough time to make his risotto, but it also seemed to me that his pan was too small for the amount of rice he was cooking. I like him, but I think he’s in his own head too much. Chris has been under my radar until now. I thought his scallop dish looked delicious. Gabe? Gabriel? Still don’t know which is which, but he deserved to win by the way the judges raved about his sauce. I was honestly disguste
  10. Did Brittany say she doesn’t cook with spices? How did she think she could compete on Top Chef? I thought she would be in the bottom, and I was sure she would lose when she diluted her sauce with coconut milk. I think Shota is the chef to beat this season.
  11. That was a tough elimination to watch. I hope Sasha is okay. She and Shota broke my heart talking about drinking too much to cope with the pandemic. What a clusterfuck. I won’t get political, but certain incompetent politicians can burn in hell. I actually thought pasta guy would be eliminated because after underseasoning, bad pasta will burn you every time. Speaking of seasoning, the sheer gall of Gabe ordering Dawn not to pepper the ribs! He can go next, followed by Jamie. She seems like a lovely person, but the sound effects are way over the top. Breakfast is my favorite meal. I
  12. So glad my favorite show is back. I learned no names, so I can’t go into specifics. That losing dish looked totally disgusting and I thought he legitimately should have lost. I know that Richard Blais thought to himself, “Gee, there will be a lot of contestants and judges on the set. How can I stand out and make everyone pay attention to me? I know! I will pile all my hair up on top of my head and look like an asshole!!! Yay me!!!!” I cannot stand that man.
  13. So happy for Melissa, and I loved that she admitted she did it for herself. Good for her. I like when good things happen to good people. I actually thought that Stephanie might win based on her talking heads during the episode. She seemed very relaxed and happy. I agree with the judges that she has grown the most this season. I am definitely not a fan of NotGail. She brings nothing to the show. I still miss Ted Allen. How great would it be to have Tom, Padma and Gail make dinner for you? Also, wtf is “world’s greatest female chef?” How condescending is that?? Who decides, and is there a
  14. Bye, Kevin. You can go back to cooking plantation food now. I laughed because he is supposed to be Mr. Pork, but that sad hunk of pork with an apple slice looked so unsophisticated when compared with Melissa’s and Stephanie’s dishes. I want Stephanie’s cabbage dish now. And also Melissa’s scallop. People change, but Kevin seemed like a different person this time around. Whether it’s due to his bout with cancer, a good Las Vegas edit, or something else entirely, I don’t know. But man, what a pompous prat. I think Tom’s opinion of Kevin went down when he spooned the cheese on the diners
  15. Well, phooey. I really wanted Gregory to win. As soon as he said he didn’t feel well, I flashed to Angelo in his season’s finale when he was too sick to get up and someone else had to cook his meal. As someone whose back has gone bad a few times, I sympathized with him. Hiking through the woods on a truffle hunt must have been agony for him. Is it just me, or were some of the diners kind of obnoxious? I’m specifically thinking of the woman who criticized Stephanie for making pasta, but there were others as well. When I win the lottery, I want to sit on the balcony of their hotel and s
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