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  1. avecsans

    S16.E14: The Tao of Macau

    I never had much of an opinion one way or another about Michele until they showed her flossing her teeth at the table. At that point I really needed her to lose, because that was straight up disgusting. Padma can be almost comically imperious, as when she summoned the cheftestants with the double hand-beckoning. I really want Eric to win, but I think they’re setting us up for Kelsey.
  2. avecsans

    S16.E13: Holy Macau!

    They were telegraphing that Eric would be eliminated so hard that I figured it would be somebody else. I’m okay with Adrienne leaving because I liked her less and less as the season progressed. I can’t even say why. I’m relieved that Eric made it. It seemed like he was listening to Justin too much and that never works out. (I am still bitter that Carla let Casey talk her into sous-viding her meat in her finale.) Macao looks like such an interesting place to visit. I did not know about its Portuguese history.
  3. avecsans

    S16.E12: Kentucky Farewell

    Thank goodness they are finished in Kentucky because I will never again have to see that smug, knowing look on Sara’s face when something Kentucky-related is mentioned. I am sad that Justin lost but he succumbed to the siren song of a dish made 2 ways. Timing is tricky, I’m sure, but before you make raw fish, consider what will happen to it under the heat lamp. How in the world is a plate of food “feminine?” Does it have ovaries? One of the things that bugs me a little about Top Chef is its self-importance and its need to inject deeper meaning into every component on the plate. I just want to see them cook good food.
  4. avecsans

    S16.E11: The Greatest

    So it’s back to being called Kentucky Fried Chicken instead of KFC? The product placement is so ham- handed this season. The local table and chair rental company even got a mention and a shot of their truck. I always enjoy the blindfolded taste test. I would be lucky to name salt and pepper correctly. I’m old enough to remember Muhammad Ali in his prime and I also loved the moment when he lit the Olympic flame in Atlanta. I thought this challenge was kind of contrived but I was very happy for Eric. It clearly meant so much to him. NotGail needs to tone it down a few hundred notches. She is so loud and seemed to dominate the judges’ table. I’m going to need Gail back asap. I think Nilou (is that her name?)is auditioning for her job. I wonder what this “gala” was? It seemed to be only white people in the crowd.
  5. avecsans

    S16.E10: Hoop Dreams

    It was really good to see Ed Lee again. I liked him on his season and l’m glad he’s doing well. I did not like the elimination challenge. Too much like Food Network garbage. I thought the taunting was way over the top, even when it was directed at heinous egomaniac Sara. Another aspect I didn’t like? Featuring John Calipari, who somehow slithered out of the consequences of being the head coach of dirty programs at Umass and Memphis. I usually have a favorite well before this point in the season, but I have finally settled on Eric. I hope that doesn’t mean he’ll be out next week. I can live with anyone winning except Sara.
  6. avecsans

    S16.E09: Music City USA

    For the second week in a row, I was completely grossed out that people had to eat the food that Adrienne prepared. Someone who has recently vomited should not be touching other people’s food. I do not like these personal challenges because, like tonight, they often devolve into sob stories. I really just want to watch them cook. This season’s group just does not seem as talented as chefs in other seasons. None of the dishes in the elimination challenge looked very refined to me. And it seems as if they’re using a lot more beef. I guess it’s more available in Kentucky than fresh seafood?
  7. avecsans

    S07.E04: Of Corsets Fashion

    I adore Dmitri but that outfit was all kinds of fug. Few people imo would like to wear a completely see through top/nipple band aid combo with bonus tulle shoulder tumor. Do better, Dmitri. At least outlast Michele, who may be my least favorite PR contestant ever. Saying that, go fuck yourself right back to 1875, Jasper. I generally only watch the beginning to find out the challenge and then skip to the runway, so I missed his instructions on how women should walk. I had to rewind to make sure I really heard him say”behind every great man there’s a great woman.” Tell that to Nancy Pelosi, asshole. It’s not even possible that that hideous lattice skirt/peplum schmatta won. Perhaps it would be the cheapest to mass produce? Although I don’t think the masses are clamoring to buy that.
  8. avecsans

    S16.E08: Whatever Floats Your Boat

    Who wants to eat roast pork on a boat in stupendously hot weather? Brian and his highly inflated opinion of his own skills needed to go. Eddie is such a downer of a person. I’m certainly no fan of Kelsey, but as she kept reminding us, this is what she does for a living. It seems like it was a no-brainer to pick her. When the challenge is to throw a party, why choose Michele and Adrienne? They are fine chefs but seem super introverted. Brian is just a weirdo. David is just there. If I were a guest, I would not have wanted to eat anything Adrienne had touched. And it looks like Justin may have come down with the same thing.
  9. avecsans

    S16.E07: Carne!

    So much eye rolling was done by me during this episode. Eddie continues to bug. He tells his toddler that he’s going to “kiss the shit” out of him when he gets home? I guess I’m old, but who talks to a child like that? And when he started talking about having a spiritual experience watching the Italian butcher work? Come on. Sarah can leave asap. A professional chef, and owner of beef cattle, puts that repulsive little turd on a plate and serves it? They actually all showed what a mediocre group this is. I didn’t think anything looked good. And all Brian talks about is his part time butcher gig, and he hacked the crap out of that meat. Not only are they mediocre, they’re pretty nasty, judging by the way they celebrated Brother’s elimination. I could never judge a quickfire, because it would gross me out too much to have to eat off the same plate as someone else.
  10. avecsans

    S16.E05: Restaurant Wars Part 2

    I hope they don’t do a three team Restaurant Wars again. Usually I have picked a favorite cheftestant by the time this episode comes along, and I feel more invested in the outcome. At this point in this season, I have barely learned everyone’s name. It was just too chaotic. Nini was clearly the right choice to get the axe. She was foolish to make a dessert that was so labor intensive when she knew she would be FOH. It was painful to watch her wander back and forth from the kitchen without any idea what was happening. I can’t really disagree with eliminating Pablo. That beige smear on the plate looked very unappetizing even though the scallop looked delicious. Justin really dodged a bullet, though. He ran a terrible kitchen and the texture of his bisque looked awful. Kelsey continues to be one of the nastiest cheftestants that I can recall. I was actually surprised when she tried to stick up for Nini, but that didn’t excuse talking to the servers the way she did.
  11. avecsans

    S16.E03: Naughty and Nice

    Why did they have to diminish the visit of my beloved Eric Ripert with perennial douche bag Richard Blais? Eric can carry the guest judging by himself, thanks. And while I don’t dislike Brooke Williamson per se, she didn’t add any interest. I think pretty much everything she said began with either “I’m a big fan of...,” or “I’m not a big fan of...” I was glad Nini won again. Her brother’s death was very sad. Not a fan of Kelsey and her death threats. None of the desserts looked all that great to me. I really was hoping Brian would be eliminated. It’s bad enough not to practice at least one dessert when you are chosen for Top Chef, but then to be so dismissive is just obnoxious.
  12. avecsans

    S16.E02: Bourbon, Barrels and Burgoo

    I get that they have to pay the bills, but the product placement for the bourbon was egregious. When Eddie got to the checkout and saw how much the lamb cost, could he not have replaced it with another meat? He bugged me because he knew right then that he was kneecapping his teammates. Instead of fixing it he chose to look like a sad sack and apologize constantly, but he still got to hog a third of their budget. Jerk. I felt bad for Natalie but I don’t know how she thought that dessert would work in that heat and humidity. The quickfire made me realize how much I will miss Gail this season.
  13. avecsans

    S15.E14: Finale

    Boo. No offense to white men out there, but enough is enough. Adrienne had the best course they’ve ever had, and their worst criticisms of her were not enough banana flavor and some crushed up beans? Bullshit. And I like Joe Flamm, but come on. She should have won. What a lovely bunch of contestants this season. I thought the vibe in the kitchen was so relaxed and encouraging. Yay to seeing Jonathan Waxman and hearing Eric Rupert, but I would have rather seen him. And kudos to the judges for wearing Planned Parenthood pins. A great cause.
  14. avecsans

    S15.E13: A Little Place Called Aspen

    I would like to agree with you but I can’t.
  15. avecsans

    S15.E13: A Little Place Called Aspen

    I actually hated both challenges. If I had to catch a trout, I would still be in the pond. It was too reminiscent of chopping ingredients out of the ice in the Texas season. And it annoyed me that the chefs were doubly handicapped in the elimination challenge: no protein and then having to cook on the cowboy cauldron. I am thrilled that Adrienne pulled it out. She didn’t allow Bruce to overwhelm her with all his ideas and I appreciated that she mentioned how people assumed that she was the sous chef because she’s a woman. I hate that we still have to put up with this garbage. I was worried for Joe Flamm because I don’t think anyone has ever done well using baby vegetables. I like this final two, but I am rooting for Adrienne all the way.