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S01.E05: Picture's Up

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Great news, everyone! Victor's back!


There is a mystery here.  Did Victor know that he would be directing a movie?  Did they send Ahnna in as the decoy knowing she would have a better chance of getting the position?  She grew up in Hollidaysberg etc.  Does Ahnna realize she is speaking in the submissive voice here?  Both the hubs and the broinlaw have more voice in the process than she has.  Or better yet, has Ahnna spent all this time in her relationship thinking it was equal voice and she will look at this footage and be shocked?  Or is Ahnna so delusional that she can watch this and think she is in charge?


I hope we see the answer to all this at some point or I will be very disappointed.  She's already admitted that they don't see the original writer in what they are filming.  She referred to the script as something the three of them wrote.  

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So.....Shane just STRAIGHT UP ripped off Best Friends and Ryan Reynolds/Anna Faris, rather than using them as an inspiration? And no one was like, the fuck? His Heather is literally wearing this exact same outfit/hair/everything.tumblr_moxb21qYJQ1ssk47wo1_500.gif

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