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  1. I think the poster says "bull mastiff" over the picture, but still - that drawing looks like a straight up PUG.
  2. Truly, how many times can they cheat on their partners so casually?! Is there some "soulmate exemption" w/r/t kissing people that I haven't been informed of?
  3. Y'all, this occurred to me during the pod but I forgot and had to double back to say: I hope Kim and Joe's discussion of Johnny being 100% for sure gone wasn't a jinx - what if Hunter is disqualified bc of his hand for the next challenge? They need an even number of men and women, Johnny was next in line after the winners of the last challenge...(I don't read spoilers so maybe this is a naive paranoid thought, and it's certainly strange, chronologically impossible magical thinking to think events can be jinxed from the future, but STILL WHAT IF)
  4. Regarding the Jordan/Cara Rivals Conspiracy - do y'all think Cara is on it, or Jordan is just playing her? I'd like to believe she's in on it, because she's acting SO ANNOYING, but I can see Jordan egging her on without letting her in on why - she's so easily rattled that she doesn't even have to know there's a conspiracy afoot to be part of it!
  5. Agree - I thought they were going to pull Hunter - it seems irresponsible to medically clear him given how he described his doctor's visit (assuming that it wasn't pure braggadocio to say that his hand will be forever ruined if he keeps competing). But even if they leave it to him and his own irrational decision making, it's not cool to tie Kailah's (or any partner's) chances to someone who can't use that arm at all! I'm all in on this conspiracy theory after listening to the pod this am. I'm even wondering if CT's cryptic comment about there being something else behind their bi
  6. With the possible exception of Michael and his partner, everyone was was paired with a racially "matching" kid, suuuuuper weird.
  7. I also heard it, but I just assumed it was on an on-purpose Veronica's Closet/Victoria's Secret hybrid, ha!
  8. Strongly believe that So You Think You Can Prance and It's Always Sunny in Foal-adelphia absolutely fit the clue and were cruelly denied!!! [ETA: ok, SYTYCD is in LA not NYC, so fine, but Foal-adelphia totally works and I stand by it!]
  9. I'm re-watching it right now and I truly think Donna deserved to die for being such an EPIC idiot.
  10. While it may be true that he didn't know that, it's pretty basic racism 101 shit and I am of the mind that it is the responsibility of white people (self included) to educate themselves on those kinds of biases early and often. (Unless Rachel said off camera that she considers herself "from the hood" and that it's a point of pride and even THEN I wouldn't go there...). Intent really doesn't matter when the consequences of racism are so real and so high stakes, in my opinion.
  11. Yeah, I think there's no way they DON'T want to do that, actually! To show how clever they are in all these little misdirects along the way. I really hope Twincer is also Bethany Young (one of the variations on the Twincer theory), because THAT would be awesome, and give a reason to go and re-watch the whole series with those reveals in mind. I've been down the rabbit hole with fan theory vids a few too many times, and though they are a little....wacky, I really love the practice of going back and getting a second read on things throughout the series - particularly things that happened prior t
  12. Yes! That's what I kept thinking of, too. This show has done several preachy storylines about AIDS and STIs, especially that one. Kelly should not be so misinformed at the age of 21 or whatever - and moreover, her absolute SHOCK that she should be tested because of all the UNPROTECTED SEX SHE HAS HAD IN HER WHOLE LIFE, along with her certainty that she has AIDS because she got a little blood on her precious, unbroken skin, just really hammered home that this is NOT about being especially safety conscious, it's just about being ignorant and grossed out by HIV+ people. If she really was so worri
  13. Hmmm, I think you better get to sharpening your knife and have a bitch at the ready! (I know no spoilers, FYI, just pretty convinced on the Twincer front!)
  14. Amen, and even if he was, he was NEVER GOING TO STAY THAT WAY, Hanna or not, if he doesn't have the SUPER BASIC common sense to not sink his entire wealth into a high risk investment. You don't need to be a money genius to know you should keep some money off the table when gambling with a start up!
  15. I have been meaning to submit an I Am Not a Crackpot about a moratorium on tv vomiting for years now! So it was bittersweet to hear an impromptu one in this episode! FULL CO-SIGNED
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