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S01.E09: Space

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Episode synopsis: When a space shuttle mission is sabotaged, Mulder suspects it may be the work of an evil extraterrestrial spirit that inhabits the body of a former Gemini astronaut. Written by: Chris Carter. Directed by: William Graham.


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I tried to watch this episode during the summer actually but, yeah, that eventually happened at Casa Joelene as well. I think I made it as far as when Space Alien Mars Ghost Face! flew into that NASA lady's car window, but then I opened my eyes and it was morning.

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As for the plot itself.. I'm not sure I ever really got it. Space Ghost got the austronaut to fuck with equipment and stuff? So that they wouldn't be able to continue their exploration? 'Cuz it was possessing that guy, and that was the reason? It wanted people to not come near it/Mars? Did it hitchhike to Earth or did it travel from Mars everytime it attacked? And then it tried to kill that lady because she was... Ugh. Brain pain.

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All I remember is Mulder nerding out over being at the space center and meeting Col. Belt. 


Same.  That and maybe something about the space shuttle being sabotaged. Or something.  And then at the end he killed himself, much like I wanted to while watching the episode in the past.


On the bright side, I think we've found a cure for insomnia.  Watch Space. You'll be out like a light in 5 minutes.

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I remember:


1. Scully teasing Mulder about his fanboy ways.  I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a child, and I maintained an interest in the space program, but I still greatly enjoyed her mocking him. 


2. EMTs heeding Mulder's instructions overruling MEDICAL DOCTOR Scully's orders when Col. Belt keeled over.  Whatever, CC; you're so far up Mulder's ass you're wearing him for a hat.


3. Mulder expositioning everything happening in mission control, as if Scully - and the audience - were addled.


4. A lot of archival footage clearly inserted to fill the time CC was too stoned to write actual script pages.  (Yeah, yeah, it was to help keep the budget down.  I like my version better, so I'm sticking to it.  After all, CC didn't have the budget excuse come Redux time.)

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I tried. I failed. I can't stay focused with this. It's not even in the so bad it's good category.


So I took a shower and made some tea instead and listened to it with half an ear.


I did find Michelle rather annoying this time around while previously, I thought she was the highlight of the episode.

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