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Speculation for Book Four: Balance

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1.  Toph reappears.

2.  We meet Zuko's daughter.

3.  We will learn yet more about Su Yin's history after leaving Republic City (not all of it good).

4.  Bad Kuvira is a misdirection.

5.  We will get a hint of what happened to Azula.

6.  Korra will walk again.

7.  Asami will visit her father.

8.  Varrick's magnets idea won't be left hanging.

9.  Korra will get in touch with her past lives by visiting them in the spirit world.

10. Jinora will stay bald.

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I definitely agree on the Fire Nation related guesses.  It follows the pattern of which nation gets the focus.  Fire Nation is due for the upcoming book. 


Not only do I expect to see the current Fire Lord, I hope to find out abolut Azula and her father (the latter could have died in prison), find out what happened to the rest of the original Gaang (Suki & Sokka in particular).  I'm certain Toph's name dropping towards the end of this season wasn't in vain;  perhaps we'll also find out at least one of her daughters' baby daddies during her appearance!  Just a spec, but I think Sokka is Su Yin's father and if this comes out, we'll Katara one more time as well.


I think we'll see more of Bolin's lava bending and more developments with him and Opal.


I think Mako's and Bolin's family from BSS will settle in The Metal City.  Su Yin is all about furthering one's potential, and since the rigid class structure of BSS didn't allow for that, they'll take her up on the offer.


Jinora will stay bald



I don't think so.  I think her hair will start growing back in, although I wouldn't be surprised if she shaved the front portion of her head to keep the arrow exposed, like Avatar Yang Chen did.


Since the book is called, "Balance", the biggest speculation is what ultimately is balanced throughout the season.  Perhaps Korra finally comes into her own as Avatar, the nations are finally balanced for the first time in 200 years, and everyone else finds balance in their individual lives.

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I think we'll have a bit time jump like the 6 months we had from Book 1 to Book 2 so that Korra is getting there physically but mentally and emotionally she's not getting better. She might go off on her own for a while to figure out where she and the Avatar fit in to the world. 


The time jump means Jinora and some of the older air benders like Bumi can be out in the world successfully keeping the peace. Jinora will probably have a short pixie cut, showing off the tattoos but not looking so much like Aang.


It would make sense to go to the Fire Nation next but I'm hoping for Kyoshi too. Maybe Korra goes there on her travels and meets Suki/Sokka's offspring.   


The enemy is probably going to be the Red Lotus but in a different way to season 3.  


Most of all I would love a Katara/Zuko/Toph reunion. 

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The enemy is probably going to be the Red Lotus but in a different way to season 3.




Kuvira is Chekov's Metal Bender.  She wasn't introduced by name for nothing.  She'll be playing a bigger role in the upcoming book, but I don't know if she'll be a villain or not.

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I'm calling it right now: I think Korra's gonna take a blast straight on from a spirit cannon, and she's gonna absorb it. Like literally, take the spirit energy and convert into a part of herself.


Or perhaps that's just what I want to happen...

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