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  1. patchwork

    S04.E01: A Flock of Lost Birds

    They've time travelled at least twice so it would be easy enough to do it again and plant the comic book in the past or maybe it's something to do with Cassandra/Alice. It's a shame Margo separated from the group so quickly but I do want to know what's going on with the fairies and Fen as acting High King.
  2. patchwork

    S05.E07: Acceptable Losses

    I'm half expecting that there will be a twist regarding Octavia and Madi. Clarke and Gaia are so convinced Octavia is this big threat to her that I think that killing Madi will be something Octavia can't bring herself to do. Probably the redeeming moment for Bloodreina. To be honest I don't understand the nightblood rules, at some point they were all manufactured nightbloods starting with Beca and there's even some among Prisonkru so if you're only a true nightblood if you're born that way will Clarke's and Prisonkru's kids be classed as true nightbloods and eligible for the flame?
  3. patchwork

    S05.E06: Exit Wounds

    I'm still not feeling Becho but after this episode I'm definitely warming up to Echo herselff. She's one smart assassin/spy and I respect the fact that she would rather go it alone than give up the defectors. The 100 has a lot of failings but I like how it writes for its female characters because they're usually individuals with their own motivations first and foremost. The male characters suffer from Sexy Lamp Syndrome, hello Lincoln, more than the female ones. I'd rather neither did but it's unusual to find it this way round especially on a CW show. So Bellamy with his 6 years of training beat the mighty Bloodreina when trained from birth Grounders couldn't. Gaia was a surprise, it looks like Octavia might be the one driving the crazy train after all. I'm looking forward to the Wanheda, Bloodreina showdown, Madi might not want to be Commander but there's not going to stop other people from wanting her to be and Clarke isn't going to react well to anything that puts her daughter in danger.
  4. patchwork

    S05.E05: Shifting Sands

    I guess Clarke and Madi's nightblood makes them unappealing to the worms so the worst they experienced was a few bites. Octavia's the worst, she really is. Why make sure your army's in one piece and able to fight by taking the long way round when you can make them walk through glass sandstorms. All Wonkru really have in their favour is that they outnumber Prisonkru and she's putting that advantage at risk by being impatient. I can understand why in the bunker her word had to become law, even though I question the necessity of the whole gladiator cult thing, but they're no longer isolated in the bunker so she needs to relax the whole 'question me and you're the enemy of Wonkru' stance. Not that it matters for Bellamy because he reached enemy status when Octavia saw the Becho kiss. Did Octavia say that the farm was failing?
  5. patchwork

    S03.E19: The Fanatical

    The James/Lena scene was great, it's a shame that the show doesn't give Mehcad Brooks much to do but the idea of the plot falls apart when they have a shapeshifter who could pose as Tanya and could easily handle some unpowered humans so James' secret identity wouldn't have ever actually been at risk. I did love the Mon El moment when he kinda rolled his eyes and just stood there as the humans punched him.
  6. patchwork

    S05.E03: Sleeping Giants

    There's a spaceship with mining equipment so I'm sure that the rubble on top of the bunker door will be cleared by the end of the next episode or the beginning of the one after that.
  7. patchwork

    S05.E03: Sleeping Giants

    The background was hard to hear but I'm sure I heard Diyoza thank the Lieutenant during the Captain's Log scene so he probably helped the prisoners because the space navy had a nefarious plan for the prisoners but he either already regrets it or is going to. The prisoners clashing with Wonkru seems inevitable. I hope the Clarke/Space gang one episode, the Bunker the next pattern breaks next week. I need to know Marcus is okay but also I don't want to spend that much time with Octavia.
  8. patchwork

    S03.E17: Trinity

    He'll probably stay with Imra and got back to the 31st century at the end of this season then Mon El will return in some plotty way without a wife in season 4. After all the build up killing two of the Worldkillers so quickly is a huge disappointment. Julia killing Pestilence before Purity regained control would have been enough to stop the eclipse world ending magic and would have left the door open for both Julia and Sam to survive. I'm pretty sure they're not going to kill off Sam even if she and Ruby do end up moving away/be put on a bus to Nowheresville so it would be nice if Julia did too. Lena totally knows and she's okay with Kara lying until Kara gets all self righteous about secret keeping. Most of the time I'm kinda meh on Lena but if she keeps up the verbal slapdowns like in this episode she'll easily become a favourite.
  9. patchwork

    S02.E04: Chapter 12

    The lesson Syd teaches David doesn't seem to match current day Syd's Stand By My Man mindset. I wonder if we're looking at a Days of Future Past situation here where futureSyd swaps minds with presentSyd in order to toughen David up so whatever horrible thing happens can be prevented.
  10. patchwork

    S05.E01: Eden

    Add Raven to that list then I totally agree with you. If this season is supposed to take place over a day then we're going to be getting GOT level fast travel.
  11. patchwork

    S03.E08: Crisis on Earth-X (1)

    Felicity was probably sharing a room with Oliver but after the rehearsal dinner blow up asked if she could sleep on the couch in the Danvers' room. The Martin/Catlin scenes were sweet. I'm assuming she learned about Ronnie's namesake in Offscreenville. I haven't been watching Flash this season, so I see they got a new Wells and Killer Frost is still an thing. Is there anything else I should know?
  12. patchwork

    S04.E06: Chapter Seventy

    If this was Adam's last episode I'm a little disappointed that none of his "show" gimmicks returned. He was obviously never going to be long term and I'm not broken up that he's gone but I liked him. Magda is the logical pick which is why I think it was Catherine and somehow she's going to own the Marbella by the end of the season.
  13. patchwork

    S02.E05: Chapter Eighteen: When A Stranger Calls

    I think if we do see Jughead and Toni waking up together it's going to be a remorseful morning after. I have wondered if Toni has been given orders to be nice to Jughead and has caught feelings along the way. It's such a waste for her to just be a speedbump for Betty and Jughead, maybe she working with the lawyer to get FB's son to join the Serpents to make sure FB stays loyal. If Jughead is a Serpent by blood then is Betty and Polly or does the fact Alice's obviously left the gang void that? Sadly Bughead's break up has been on the cards since episode two when he started lying to her. I like the Pretty Little Liars thing they did with Betty this ep and hope they keep it up for a while. I have my problems with that show but the cat and mouse game between the girls and A kept dragging me back in. Betty's actress is great and I was well and truly creeped out by the abandoned house scenes.
  14. patchwork

    S04.E04: Chapter Sixty-Eight

    I can see Baby being dropped in favour of Michaelina as a B or C plotline at some point. Petra and Jane's fight in the Kids' CLub was hilarious. I'm hoping that the Marbella burns down with Luisa inside it. Raf can be the beneficiary or something so he gets the money back but it causes him to rethink its importance. I like the novella aspects of the show but it's repeating the same plotline over and over. The Marbella needs to go or they find some other source of barely plausible drama for a while.
  15. patchwork

    S03.E09: The ABC's of Beth

    I know the ending heavily implies clone!Beth but the big personality switch makes me wonder if she didn't ask Rick to reduce her intelligence.