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My Risky Valentine

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This is exactly what I was worrying about - Fade's designs have been so strong all season and suddenly when (like this week) he falters, he will be 'aufed' with no recognition for the innovative designs of the past (that tuxedo outfit and the striped dress for the Emmys). And now no TGS is on the table. I liked Char too, but does anyone think that Char is going to crumble under the weight of the TGS? Last season, it seemed to buoy up Justin, but this go-round, it seemed to have the opposite effect on Char. It is an interesting reality plot device (like - dare I say it?! - Redmption Island on Survivor).

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Amanda's failed on a variety of levels.  Did it showcase the jewelry, in this case a bracelet?  Did the outfit somehow compliment the bracelet?  While the judges looked for this sort of thing with the other outfits, they totally forgot about the jewelry for Amanda's.  Odd.

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Here, here, That Badger Chick! I do not know what is happening with the Amanda love!!! I don't hate her but COME ON. None of the looks the judges praised have been anything but yuk to me. <br /><br />Also - COME ON - dragging them to the Met to kill more time they could be using to you know, actually sew an amazing gown? I'm sure that exhibit was great but maybe let them have another day! <br /><br />Oh show!

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