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S02.E03: Hassun

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Can someone refresh my memory? I can't remember if everyone knows Will has encephalitis or if only Hannibal knows...

Never mind, everyone knows. I'm just bad at paying attention sometimes.

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I'm bad at paying attention
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I found this episode really frustrating, and I don't even think this show is moving too slow. I get that it's annoying to complain about lack of accuracy in a show where bodies are sewn together, but the stupid lack of any adherence to basic courtroom procedure was super frustrating. Providing evidence that someone else committed a series of crimes (i.e. the crimes are continuing to happen after the person on trial was incarcerated) is a standard defense to introduce reasonable doubt. And they wouldn't have had to give up his unconsciousness defense either - Will doesn't remember if he did this, but there is evidence it was someone else, seems like a pretty decent defense to me. Whether or not two sets of crimes are committed by the same person is a question of FACT, which is up to the jury (although, was there a jury, because if not, that's weird).

Also prosecutors are LEGALLY REQUIRED to share any exculpatory evidence with the defense, you can't just sweep it under the rug. And that random Freddie hearsay evidence was ridiculous. I understand that presenting testimony the way a court actually operates would be boring to most people, but not even caring to get big picture stuff right, ugh. 

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Sure, it was uneven in spots, but I still loved this ep, and it fared better for me on repeat. As Will's trial begins (and ends with the murder of the judge who refuses to give him a mistrial), this episode has some absolutely amazing lines and moments from Hannibal -- some of the most blunt and honest we've seen from him where Will is concerned, including the following declaration to Will:


Hannibal: I want you to believe in me. I want you to believe the best in me. Just as I believe the best in you.


And (even more awesome):


Hannibal: This killer wrote you a poem. Are you going to let his love go to waste?


I mean, talk about subtext becoming text! Hannibal right here flat-out says he loves Will.


So I liked this episode -- it was fun to see Will calmly playing out his next chessboard moves, and I loved watching Hannibal play right back (seriously, seeming to truly seek a way out of this for the wrongs he has done Will, at least in his fractured and very specific view of the world). This is further reinforced by that rather heartbreaking image of Hannibal sitting in his office cross from Will's empty chair.


I also enjoyed seeing Freddie so completely eviscerated on the stand with just a few words from Will's (awesome) attorney.


But the best moment for me was the dual 'dressing' scene as Hannibal and Will dress for court (complete with the awesome moment where Hannibal checks out his own ass). And of course then there's this piece of genius (from one of the best and funniest pieces ever written about the show, to boot:



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