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  1. Ugh, the grossness of Brandon's "I don't want to see you strip now that I acknowledge you're a person" is just the worst.
  2. Had my birthday dinner tonight at Juniper & Ivy (Blais's restaurant in San Diego) and it was really great. Our server was awesome. We had a starter, toast, two small plates and two desserts. Starter - San Diego Figs, "ritz" crackers, whipped marscapone, walnut butter and figs. Really great mix of sweet/salty/savory. Toast - Carne Crudo Asada, carne asada seasoned beef tartar with sunny side up quail eggs. Way bigger than I expected, large rustic bread slice and 4 quail eggs. My husband loved this and wants to try a riff on it for breakfast. Kale Caesar - baby kale, duck confit, duc
  3. Lina's like a prayer look at the baptism -- perfect.
  4. Liv's Face Off reports just keep getting better. This week had two gems, the inspirational ringtone for Ben, and the house cats made up as jungle cats idea. So good.
  5. My favorite thing was probably the gnome cop saying "tell it to the adorable owl we dressed as a judge"
  6. Yay, Grunion! When I first moved to San Diego I was invited to a grunion run, and to my eternal shame I said "like in 90210?" And I was with Kelly in thinking grunion were made up by dudes who wanted to get girls down to the beach after dark until I finally saw them in my 3rd or 4th year going. They're super weird. I still can't believe Brandon gets away with talking to his parents like that. They'd still be finding pieces of me if I'd tried that crap.
  7. Yes, I think if you're going to argue that Gene (or whoever) isn't the Pierce you have to come up with a substitute Pierce. And if you can't come up with an argument for why another character is less essential than Gene, he's the Pierce for sure.
  8. The first time I heard Steve's adoption confession to Brandon I thought he was going to tell him he'd found out he was secretly related to Kelly, because it's otherwise a pretty weird response to being asked why he's being such a dick to Kelly. I kind of like my version better.
  9. "Don't make fun of him, he's had a hard life" Brandon, have you ever been a child? You don't give the other kid's details of sad kid's shitty life when telling them to be nice to them. That's just ammunition.
  10. Yeah, I went to a very diverse CA public high school too. All the rich kids took fancy prep courses. My English class studied SAT words my entire junior year and it was a pretty competitive thing (I went to a smart kid magnet school). A few friends got perfect scores, and there was a dude in our group who was real mad about getting 1570, so we called him 1570 basically forever (like, still doing it at the 10 year reunion). I only took it once and was happy with my high 1400s score. Got me into the UC of my choice. But there were kids in my grade who got 1500+ and retook chasing a perfect score
  11. For a while it was the Puppy Bowl V, but that was lost in a DVR meltdown. In general I'm a watch and delete sort of person, the DVR is for storing shows you have not yet watched.
  12. Who keeps Oreos in the fridge? Or cookies in general.
  13. C-Cal! And yes, where Sacramento is located is a source of constant confusion. I grew up in Fresno and one of my co-workers asked me how far that was from Sacramento. My response was "like an hour? 90 minutes?" Ha. Not so much. On topic, the Walshs' insistence that they're not rich irritates the fuck out of me. You live in Beverly Hills. Shut up. On a technical note, all of my episodes of Again With This just redownloaded with slightly different titles. Using Instacast on an iPhone.
  14. Terminator 2 is my ultimate poppy field movie. Also any of the mission impossibles, even MI3. I once watched Van Helsing twice in a row on TBS and didn't realize it had started over (I thought she died? Guess she's a vampire now...) and so it's on the list too.
  15. I love his commitment to staying on brand. When he played "Cold As Ice" on the jukebox, I was suddenly 100% on board.
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