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S04.E10: Killer's Block

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Looks like Harley and Ivy are better off outside the traditional definitions of good and evil. Also, Talia resurrected Nightwing with the Lazarus Pit, and he's going to try and murder Harley for killing him.

Last season, I thought the theme was about growth. This season, it felt stunted. It's hard to explain in words. It's like all of Ivy's wins meant nothing with Lex flaunting himself around. Joker slid back into his old ways, committing a controversial canon crime by paralyzing Batgirl/Barbara. And Harley was probably better off not hanging with the Bat Family. Well, at least Harley and Ivy have each other . . . and Catwoman, for some reason. I know, Gotham City Sirens was one of DC's more well-received books, but it feels like Selina is being stapled in. At least we'll have Babs trying to bring out her inner "bee."

The Kite-Man thing . . . is this going to be a series or a one-shot?

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