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Lizzy Savetsky: The Housewife That Never Was

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Even though she never made it on air, Lizzy Savetsky is an unseen player in season 14.  Discussion of her impact does not belong in the episode threads since she is never on screen and we cannot know where the events fit into the timeline.  Discuss all things Lizzy here. 

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29 minutes ago, hoodooznoodooz said:

I agree with the poster who believes that Erin is holding a grudge against Brynn because Lizzy left the show because of a conversation with Brynn. 

Who is Lizzy? What was the conversation?

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Every time Sai complained about brown avocado the cameraman panned to it to show it was indeed green. She's bitching just to bitch.

I just went down the rabbit hole to understand who Lizzy is and how that might explain the underlying tension in this group. Quick synopsis, Lizzy was cast & filmed until November. She's known as a matchmaker. Brynn (of course) asked Lizzy to set her up with a jewish man. Lizzy declined, explaining that being orthodox, she prefers to match jewish peole together to keep their lineage alive. Brynn likened it to the nazis and also somehow used the actual n-word during the discussion. Lizzy had been receiving a lot of anti-semitic comments on social media. Her husband contacted production and in re-telling the story, said the n-word rather than referring it to it as the n-word. Lizzy then either quit (per her instagram statement) or was asked to depart the show depending on who you listen to.

Also, in the article I read, Brynn referred to herself as a villain because people don't get her humor. That tells me that she's actively trying to be an antagonist, which makes me view all her interactions in a different light.

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