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Drug Use: They Can Quit Whenever They Want!

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I have to drink a fifth of vodka to endure Brandon ... Oh, you meant the characters' substance abuse.


I quit watching before anyone really got started, but I did see the "turbo toilet" episode where Dylan counsels David on ditching his stash.  And a few of the episodes leading up to that, with David drugging himself into managing his crazy schedule.  Which could have been a nuanced storyline about expectations gone out of control but, being this show, wasn't.

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The turbo toilet episode is the best. So ridiculous. I think they even flush a pack of cigarettes, don't they? And just one more example of Street Smart Dylan, who knows everything there is to know about everything.

Fun fact: the dealer who gives his stash to David was one of the bank robbing surfers in the movie "Point Break".

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I also quite enjoy Donna's ridiculous addiction to painkillers. She gets into them because of her back pain. Her back isn't treated, yet at some point she just quits. So what about that pain, I wonder? Did she meditate it away from there on out? Because if I recall correctly, the doctor told her she would need some treatment, which she didn't get, and backs, in my humble experience, seldom get better from hunching at your desk for long hours as Donna proceeds to do after her accident. Not to mention that her dad, the famous doctor, doesn't insist she gets her back checked out when she tells him she's in pain.

But in the end, the back is just forgotten, and your friendly neighbourhood Dylan hand-me-down Noah takes care of the situation. Because as a recovering alcoholic, he obviously knows exactly how long just any drug addiction takes to be cured. Problem solved. If only Kelly and Single White Tara had known how easy it was, they wouldn't have hung around in that rehab facility all this time!


(On second thought, maybe Donna's back pain was so bearable in the end because she doesn't actually have a backbone that could have hurt. So it must just have been cramped muscles or something. If she had a backbone, she wouldn't even have let that lying weasel Noah back into her home, after he had just cheated and taken advantage of a passed out woman without noticing a thing. No backbone, no back pain. It does make sense.)

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So Donna, Kelly, Dylan, David, Noah, and Brandon (kind of) all had substance abuse problems. That is a big ratio for our little clique. The alkies&druggies could've formed their own AA clique within the group if they wanted to. With Val off to the side, smoking a joint, laughing at the avocado-heads for not being able to control themselves.

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