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  1. Adam is even dumber than I previously thought, whipping out his phone and playing that video of Aubree on the dirt bike. But I'm glad that Chelsea has the evidence for when they modify the visitation agreement. His immaturity is just astounding: it's fine to keep a 4 year old up to midnight if she's having fun, introduce her to your girlfriend of the moment if they're both fine with it, and drive to the courthouse to plug in your ankle monitor... that you have for all your license/DUI violations for... if you can't find a ride. (Where was his entourage? MTV must not have been filming that d
  2. I mostly remember Corey having moved on from Cheating Fiasco #1 and Leah making him a reconciliation dinner and a card. I think she wooed him back with promises of having his family back together under one roof which was obviously appealing to them both. She knew who Corey was when she decided she wanted him back. She knew that he was a quiet guy who wasn't the kind to serenade her in the streets or ramble on about his feelings for her. I think it would be unfair of her to hold that against him, much more unfair then it would be for him to hold the Robbie thing against her, which for the r
  3. I don't think that money has anything to do with Corey wanting to change the custody agreement at this time. It isn't the first time that they've gone to court over money, and Corey has never had an issue with Leah being the primary parent before. I think the motivating factor for him is that Leah is up to something with her lifestyle that we haven't been told yet. But the other motivating factor is that she wanted to strip him of his rights as Ali's father to make decisions about Ali's health while she is neglecting it herself. I don't blame Corey for being upset one bit. It's a lot easi
  4. I agree with the people who said that Corey must have the goods on Leah. Those papers he gave his lawyer looked like they had lots of dates on them for missed appointments. Add that to the footage from MTV they can get access to, plus anything Miranda may have heard while on duty, and I think Corey probably has plenty of ammunition for reversing their custody arrangement. He isn't a vindictive guy at all, IMO. If he was, he would have shown that the first time Leah cheated on him with Robbie, or the second, or the first time she put him down on TV as a man not willing to fight for his fami
  5. Add me to the list of people wondering how the medical bills are in Leah's name when Ali is on Corey's insurance. Corey would be listed on the forms as the guarantor. The bills should be going to him, not her. I have very little respect for Leah, but even less for Jeremy. I can't believe he would run his mouth like that about Corey knowing he (and the girls) would see it. I shouldn't be surprised given the other rude comments Jeremy has made about him in the past, but I will laugh and laugh when Leah has moved on to her next man and Jeremy is put in Corey's position. Something tells m
  6. I'm not a fan of Tracy and Joe (although I don't dislike them either), but I do love D'Shawn! I wish they would have given him more scenes and stories. It would have made me more interested in the college years, which lost their appeal for me after Dylan left.
  7. I hope I quoted this right because this is my first post here, but this really cracked me up! :)
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