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  1. I’m so excited about this book? I can’t stand it. I’m already in pre-mourning for the end of this podcast, so this will give me something to look forward to that’s 90210 related. In other nerd news, I confess that when I have a day or two where my other podcasts aren’t grabbing my attention, I love going back to the early seasons and listening again. Some, like the actual tv episodes, I’ve listened to multiple times with great enjoyment.
  2. *tips hat* It came from a place of pure Minnesota passive-aggressive lefse-fueled rage. Skol! I love the random end-of-show challenges but I for one would love to hear a commemorative return to MBaDtK for Dylan's return. Yes!! Except I’m mostly so incredibly annoyed with him in the remaining episodes, maybe it should be Mad, Bad, and Annoying to Know.
  3. Re: Dylan’s oh so casual drinking DRIVES ME CRAZY!!! I think I remember him fobbing it off as{pinched brow} “some people can” Maybe... BUT NOT DYLAN McFREAKinAY!!!!
  4. This is the best thing I’ve read in days!
  5. Gads, it’s milquetoast mall attorney Matt time. Ugh. I’m pretty sure heroin-addicted Dylan does not have bellybutton-itis. He can however, apparently drink without issues or problems. Not that being an alcoholic prone to falling off the wagon and getting sick on two airplane bottles of vodka, were ever a remotely important part of his character. WRITERS!!!!!!!!!! Season 9 man howdy.
  6. I always look forward to these visual aides, but all of these made me laugh so hard! Well done guys. The show keeps reaching new and remarkable lows, but the VA’s just keeps getting better.
  7. Yes! Especially Steve! He has come to blows with people over lesser slights to Samantha.
  8. This is probably giving the writers waaay too much credit but: With regard to Kelly’s oversized white sil pajamas, she did tell Brenda in Slumber Party that she only slept in men’s silk pajamas. Hello continuity! (?)
  9. I should not have listened to this while trying to eat breakfast. It was either choke to death or spit out partly chewed breakfast food. Oh the humanity! Ew, the cleanup. Shoutout to Brian Krakow!! ? Brian was at least more sympathetic, being a 15-year-old nerd who got an erection simply from Delia brushing against his hand. There’s no excuse for brandon’s behavior... Or for Brandon.
  10. The absolute best part of season 7 are these podcasts, the visual aids, and the captions.
  11. I've always thought that too, about Michele Phillips and Jennie Garth. I mean, there's no denying that Jackie is the best, and a better actress than MP, by far. But that would have been perfect looks-casting.
  12. This is apropos of nothing, but I couldn't wait to tell this to people who might not think I'm quite as weird as the general population would. I had a dream last night that I was directing an episode of our show. The actor playing Rush Sanders was the actor who played Mitch "The Flash" Leery. Clearly I watch (and listen to podcasts of) 90's teen soaps way too much. Back to comments about these wonderful visual aids.
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