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S02.E03: It's Okay to Like It

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Six months later, Minx is front and center of the sexual revolution, and Rolling Stone descends on the Bottom Dollar offices to interview the gang.

Premiere Date: August 4, 2023

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I'll be a little oblique until more people watch. 

Would Joyce not know who Annie Leibovitz was in 1973? Rolling Stone was big big big then, and she's the chief photographer. I appreciate that she at least was avoiding the Rolling Stone journalist for what she thought was a legitimate reason than just not realizing the magazine was important in 1973. 

Carl Sagan was fantastic just being there. I can't imagine how Doug convinced him. 

Clever writing for Bambi to use the same dialogue in different ways with Richie and Joyce. And showing some ambition at the end. 

Constance had a good point about advertisers wanting to target women and not wanting the magazine to be only for gay guys. It's not fair, but in 1973, it's reality. 

Mistress Bella! I did not see that coming at all. 

Linda was super cute too. 

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Simon can read Joyce like an open book.

Bambi continues to prove herself as an asset to BDP team. Doug, open your eyes!

Tina, please don’t let your guard down around Constance. Stay alert!


“Can someone give the talent some umbrellas, please?”

Never expect this… 😂😂😂



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Huh. I haven't seen Joshua Gomez in anything since he played Morgan Grimes on Chuck. He's stayed busy since then but not in anything I watched. 

So Shelly is having some sort of sexual awakening that started with Bambi and evolved into swinging, but we've not seen her hook up with any of the wives, only the other husbands. This is a strange story. 

I still feel like this season doesn't quite know where to go.

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