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It's time for the semi-finals in the iconic baking tent as the final five bakers try to bake their way out of being sent home in a double elimination.  But which bakers will impress judges Paul and Prue enough to secure a place in next week's finals? 


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I hate crepe cakes even though I like crepes. I don't know if it's because of too much filling or if it's because the crepes are cold but it's a no for me. 

However, I wanted to try all of the ice cream cakes because I love ice cream, especially textured ice cream. 

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It almost made me want to try to make a crepe cake. I've never made a crepe, nor have I ever had a crepe cake. I was sad to see the two go, but they were really the correct two. 

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I’ve only had crepe cake once in a Japanese restaurant. It was good. I would have liked to have tried all the crepe cakes here. Same with the ice cream cakes, they all looked delicious. 
I figured it was time for Susan to go home and I guess it was a toss up between Nirali and Dyana. All the bakers have been very likable people so it’s sad to see anyone go home. 

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